Legendary Bridges of Europe and Japan: Highlights from Literature and Legend

04/06/2017, 17:00 - 18:30


This event is part of the Japanese Seminar Series 2016-17 with guest speaker Dr Daniel C. Strack (University of Kitakyushu).

While the crossing of bridges is a very simple act, tales of bridge construction, whether mythical, fictional, or firmly grounded in the historical record, are inevitably tied to the desires and motivations of the visionaries and engineers responsible for them. Drawing on a wealth of background research, this talk will discuss the “origin stories” associated with a variety of bridges and bridge-like natural features found in the literature and legends of Wales, Scotland, France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, and other areas of the world, noting cultural distinctions and intercultural commonalities along the way.

Dan received his M.A. in Japanese Language and Literature from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and his Ph.D. in Social and Cultural Comparison from Kyushu University. He teaches Japanese to English Translation at the University of Kitakyushu (Kitakyushu, Japan) where he is also Deputy Director at the Center for International Education and Exchange. His research interests include metaphor theory, comparative literature, and the study of bridges in literary contexts.

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Japanese Seminar Series