Public Uni 15

31/03/2017, 19:30 - 21:15


At Public Uni, Cardiff University academics present their most exciting research in short 10-minute chunks. Enrolment is free, the syllabus is varied, and the only entry requirement is an inquisitive mind.


Diamond Creation: Lab vs Nature
Laia Gines, School of Physics and Astronomy

When your native language sounds foreign: First language attrition of speech
Dr Robert Mayr, Senior Lecturer in Linguistics (Cardiff Met)

The Dark Side of Variation and Metrics
Dr Maneesh Kumar, Cardiff Business School

Does going to university make ‘good citizens’ out of people?
Dr Ceryn Evans, Wales Institute of Social & Economic (WISERD)

The Nuclear Threat in Britain and the Politics of the Unknown during the Cold War
Dr Christoph Laucht, Modern Department of History (Swansea University)


If you would like to present at one of the forthcoming Public Uni events, please get in touch with Marco Hauptmeier or Harriett Lloyd

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