Rethinking Growth: Toward the Well-being Economy

18/09/2017, 17:30 - 19:00


Dr Mark Lang and Professor Terry Marsden

Following the launch of their Discussion Paper, Rethinking Growth: Toward the Well-being Economy, Mark Lang and Terry Marsden will deliver an evening seminar that seeks to consider the impact of growth on economic, social, environmental and cultural sustainability.

Their Paper rejects an extractive model of growth, but suggests that a form of socially and ecologically positive and sustainable growth might have beneficial impacts in certain circumstances and locations.

They argue that currently applied models of growth are both inefficient and unsustainable, as they are extractive of finite natural and human resources, and lead to inequalities that produce unaffordable costs. It therefore calls for a more intelligent, efficient, sustainable and place-based approach.

They largely focus on Wales, where the Well-being of Future Generations legislation has placed a sustainable development obligation on all devolved public bodies. With reference to the three ‘Deep Place’ case studies, they consider growth within the sustainable place-making context.


This is a free event, however due to limited capacity booking is essential.

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