Sustainable lifestyles seminar: Will re-using carrier bags help save the planet?

23/05/2014, 12:00 - 14:00


The Welsh Government has launched a ‘National Conversation’ on sustainability, asking the Welsh public what kind of society they want for themselves and future generations.

In this seminar Dr Nick Nash and Dr Lorraine Whitmarsh will present recent research findings on Welsh public values and attitudes to sustainability, provide an overview of research on sustainable lifestyles, and introduce a major new research project on behaviour change and ‘spillover’ – in other words, whether taking up one new green behaviour, such as recycling, leads on to other green behaviours like taking your own bags shopping.

This research is prompted by the need to make profound changes to individual behaviour in order to tackle climate change, and yet policies to achieve these changes have so far met with limited success. Most people are willing to make only very small changes to their lifestyle – so we need to find ways of encouraging green behaviour which can match the scale of the climate change challenge. The UK government and several scientists have suggested behavioural ‘spillover’ might be a way to achieve this.
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Meeting Room, Sustainable Places Research Institute
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