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  • Mr Chris Whitman

    Since 2007 my research has focused on the comfort and energy use in indigenous, vernacular, traditional and contemporary dwellings, utilizing in situ monitoring, digital simulation and the construction and monitoring of physical test cells.

    At the same time my experience in architectural practice has included work on a wide range of award winning projects. As such my experience provides a balance of architectural science, building design and construction, and architectural history and theory.

    Currently I am the Deputy Course Leader of the MSc in Sustainable Building Conservation, and Module Leader for “Energy use in historic Building”.

    Academic School: Architecture

    Areas of Expertise: Built Environment, Design, Energy, History, Low carbon, Sustainability

  • Professor Chris Tweed

    I studied architecture at the Welsh School of Architecture before specialising in research on energy in buildings. I later developed my expertise in the area of information and communications technology applied to a range of topics and problems in the built environment. Currently my research focuses on how people experience and use the built environment, which embraces topics around thermal comfort, aesthetics and usability and includes heating and cooling technologies, so-called smart buildings and retrofit.

    Academic School: Architecture

    Areas of Expertise: Built Environment, Design, Energy, Environment, Low carbon, Sustainability, Technology, Urban

  • Dr Wouter Poortinga

    I am an environmental psychologist, based in the Welsh School of Architecture and the School of Psychology. My research interests are in human-environment interactions, including (1) environmental risk perception, (2) sustainable behaviours and lifestyles, and (3) housing, neighbourhoods and health.

    Academic School: Architecture

    Areas of Expertise: Built Environment, Environment, Housing, Sustainability

  • Dr Georgina Santos

    I am interested in environmental and transport economics. I have conducted research on the role of governments in the internalisation of externalities, with a focus on air pollution, global warming, and traffic congestion.

    Academic School: Planning and Geography

    Areas of Expertise: City, Economic development, Environment, Sustainability

  • Dr Julie Gwilliam

    I am the director of 2 large scale training and education projects led by the Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University.

    The BEST Programme aims to leave a lasting legacy on the training and up-skilling of the existing workforce in the Welsh Built Environment sector, not least through its 10-year strategy, but also through commissioning new pilot training courses. These courses are likely to set Wales apart and create a precedent for their development in neighbouring nations. See:

    The WEST (Welsh Energy Sector Training) project is supported by the Low Carbon Research Institute’s (LCRI) Convergence Energy Programme ( The LCRI aims to support the energy sector, both in the UK and globally, to develop low carbon generation, storage, distribution and end use technologies, as well as to offer policy advice. The main objective of WEST is to develop skills to aid the utilisation and uptake of new technologies developed through the LCRI industrial research project. This will ensure that industrial research is disseminated through both traditional educational streams as well as directly to industry through Continuing Professional Development (CPD). See:

    I am responsible for delivering overall direction and promotion of the BEST Programme and WEST project. I was instrumental in developing both WEST and BEST have a broad network of experience and knowledge in the field of sustainable construction in the context of Wales.

    As a lecturer at the Welsh School of Architecture, I lead their MSc Theory and Practice of Sustainable Design:

    Academic School: Architecture

    Areas of Expertise: Built Environment, Environment, Low carbon, Sustainability

  • Dr Victoria Johnson

    After completing a PhD in Atmospheric Physics at Imperial College, London, I spent six years leading the Climate Change and Energy Programme at nef (the new economics foundation), an independent think tank.

    During this time I worked on issues relating to the transition to a low carbon, high wellbeing society, renewable energy diffusion, climate change adaptation in the UK and the Global South, peak oil and alternatives to GDP (gross domestic product).

    I’ve also been involved in discussions that question the feasibility of continued economic growth (measured using GDP), both from social and environmental perspectives, and has advocated alternative indicators of progress.

    I am particularly interested in exploring how to achieve a low carbon transition in an equitable way; whether it can be achieved under current institutional arrangements, market-led logic and cultural context; and if not what are the alternative social, economic, political systems that might better support the transition.

    Academic School: Architecture

    Areas of Expertise: Energy, Environment, History, Low carbon, Sustainability