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  • Professor John Chester

    I am a clinical academic in cancer research. My clinical specialities are in head/neck, bladder and testicular cancers. My lab interests are in virus-mediated gene therapy and in stratified/personalised/precision medicine.

    Amongst my roles, I am Theme Lead for cancer research in the College of Biomedical and Life Sciences, co-Director of the Cardiff Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre, Acting Director of the Cancer Research UK Centre in Cardiff and Director of the Wales Cancer Research Centre.

    Academic School: Medicine

    Areas of Expertise: Antibiotic, Cancer

  • Dr Marcus J. Coffey

    I teach the subject of Pharmacology to our Medical and BSc students at Cardiff University School of Medicine.

    Pharmacology is the study of how drugs work in the human body. Although we only ever want drugs to have a therapeutic effect we also have to recognise that some drugs can cause side effects in patients. So, the more we understand about the composition of drugs and how they have their effects; the safer prescribing medicines becomes.

    To fully understand the actions of drugs in the body I teach our students everything from physiology to chemistry to quantum physics.

    I use interactive computer animations to help explain scientific processes plus I give our students hands-on practical experiences of using drugs in clinical scenarios (they get to experiment on each other!)

    Academic School: Medicine

    Areas of Expertise: Antibiotic, Cardiology, Disease, Genetics, Infection, Molecular, NHS

  • Dr Colin V. E. Powell

    I am an academic general paediatrician with an interest in acute illness in children, emergency and respiratory paediatrics and health service delivery.

    Academic School: Medicine

    Areas of Expertise: Antibiotic, Disease, Infection, NHS, Primary care, Public health

  • Professor Nicholas Topley

    I am Dean of Medical Education at Cardiff University School of Medicine.

    I received my Bachelors degree (BSc) in Microbiology from University College Cardiff and my PhD at the University of Wales College of Medicine before doing postdoctoral research in Hannover, Germany.

    I am a former member of the Council of International Society for Peritoneal Dialysis and received the John F Maher Award in 1998 for outstanding contributions to Peritoneal Dialysis.

    I am Editor Emeritus of Peritoneal Dialysis International, Subject/Associate Editor for NDT and a member of the editorial board of several nephrology journals.

    I am one of the founders and the current President of a European organisation dedicated to increasing knowledge and education in the PD community.

    Academic School: Medicine

    Areas of Expertise: Antibiotic, Disease, Infection, Molecular, NHS