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  • Dr Pierre Rizkallah

    I am a Chemistry graduate, at BSc and PhD level. I use Physics applications to study biological macromolecules, a field known as Structural Biology.

    I have extensive experience with X-ray crystallography and 3D structure determination using synchrotron radiation.

    I have used the allied techniques of Small Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS) and Circular Dichroism (CD) to shed light on biological mechanisms.

    I have served on committees and participated in programs at national and international levels.

    I have conducted many outreach and media exercises during the course of my career, communicating the immediacy relevance and importance of Science in everyday life.

    I had a brief period of experience in the cosmetics industry, leading a production line team.

    Academic School: Medicine

    Areas of Expertise: Biochemistry, Cancer, Cardiology, Genetics, Molecular, Statistics

  • Dr James Colley

    I am the Operations Manager of the Wales Gene Park, we promote and facilitate medical genetic research and educate and inform the public, health professionals, and young people alike about the issues and opportunities raised by genetics.

    We bring together expertise and experience in genetics within Wales, provide state-of-the-art technologies to researchers in Wales and provide innovative initiatives to educate and engage health professionals and the public in Wales and beyond.

    Academic School: Medicine

    Areas of Expertise: Cancer, Disease, Genetics, Molecular, NHS

  • Dr Mario O. Labéta

    I am a Senior Lecturer at Cardiff Institute of Infection & Immunity

    Academic School: Medicine

    Areas of Expertise: Disease, Infection, Molecular

  • Dr Richard Stanton

    I'm a virologist specialising in the herpesvirus human cytomegalovirus (HCMV). My work aims to understand how clinical viruses change when they are grown in the lab, and how we can stop this happening, enabling laboratories to work with viruses in the lab that accurately represent the causative agent of disease.

    We study the way that HCMV avoids being killed by the immune system, providing information that helps understand both how HCMV might be targeted therapeutically, and how the immune system works.

    Finally we study adenovirus vectors, developing ways of rapidly producing vectors for vaccination, and ways of rapidly modifying vectors to alter their function.

    Academic School: Medicine

    Areas of Expertise: Disease, Infection, Molecular, Virus

  • Professor Ian Weeks

    I have undertaken research and development of novel biochemical diagnostic tests for human disease for over thirty years. This has been done in both academic and commercial environments.

    Academic School: Medicine

    Areas of Expertise: Cancer, Disease, Molecular

  • Dr Claire L. Harris

    There are two primary research areas in my research group. The first is to interrogate structure/function relationships in the complement system at the biochemical level in order to further our understanding of the mechanisms underlying complement dysregulation and disease; and the second is to utilise the knowledge obtained to design improved and targeted therapies for diseases driven by complement.

    I have developed novel techniques to understand how minor changes, such as common polymorphisms (genetic variations) in complement proteins, can affect function; these findings have opened the door to exciting new research in the field of complement in human disease.

    Key techniques in the group include: surface plasmon resonance, protein purification (affinity and classical chromatography), immunoassay development, monoclonal antibody/hybridoma production, protein engineering and expression.

    Academic School: Medicine

    Areas of Expertise: Alzheimer’s, Disease, Infection, Molecular

  • Joachim J. Bugert

    Senior Lecturer in Virology (Cardiff, UK) 2003 to date.

    Clinical specialty: CLINICAL MICROBIOLOGY Medical training at University of Heidelberg, 1985-1992 Facharzt fuer Mikrobiologie, Virologie und Infektionsepidemiology (Germany)- 2005. GMC registered specialist in virology, microbiology (UK)-2006.

    Virology Research

    Dissertation in Experimental Virology (Heidelberg, Germany)- 1994. Habilitated as experimental virologist (Heidelberg, Germany) 2001 - special interest in poxviruses, vaccines, antivirals, hepatitis c virus, yellow fever virus, measles virus, bacteriophages.

    Academic School: Medicine

    Areas of Expertise: Infection, Molecular, Public health, Virus

  • Dr Anthony Isles

    I am a senior independent researcher in the field of molecular and behavioural neuroscience. My research interests are in the genetic and epigenetic mechanisms that influence brain function and mental disease.

    Within this context my research is focused on the role imprinted genes play in brain and behaviour, a field in which I am internationally recognised.

    Academic School: Medicine

    Areas of Expertise: Genetics, Molecular, Neuroscience

  • Dr Marcus J. Coffey

    I teach the subject of Pharmacology to our Medical and BSc students at Cardiff University School of Medicine.

    Pharmacology is the study of how drugs work in the human body. Although we only ever want drugs to have a therapeutic effect we also have to recognise that some drugs can cause side effects in patients. So, the more we understand about the composition of drugs and how they have their effects; the safer prescribing medicines becomes.

    To fully understand the actions of drugs in the body I teach our students everything from physiology to chemistry to quantum physics.

    I use interactive computer animations to help explain scientific processes plus I give our students hands-on practical experiences of using drugs in clinical scenarios (they get to experiment on each other!)

    Academic School: Medicine

    Areas of Expertise: Antibiotic, Cardiology, Disease, Genetics, Infection, Molecular, NHS

  • Professor Derek Blake

    I am a Professor of Neuroscience, MRC Centre for Neuropsychiatric Genetics & Genomics.

    Academic School: Medicine

    Areas of Expertise: Molecular

  • Dr Alan Parker

    I graduated with a PhD from the CRUK Institute for Cancer Studies, University of Birmingham in 2003 entitled “Development of peptide-targeted gene delivery systems” where I developed bioresponsive non-viral and adenoviral vectors targeted to the angiogenic vasculature via small peptides iterated by phage display technology.

    I moved to my first postdoctoral position at King’s College London (2003-2005), developing sophistocated bioresponsive non-viral gene delivery vectors suitable for local gene delivery in vivo (primarily to the liver and cornea).

    In 2005, I moved to the University of Glasgow to study how adenoviral gene therapy vectors (based on Ad5) interact with host proteins to mediate transduction of hepatocytes in vitro and in vivo; research which resulted in the 2006 American Society of Gene Therapy “Excellence in Research” award, and runner up in the NEXXUS "Young Researcher of the Year" in 2007.

    In 2007, I was awarded a Personal Research Fellowship by the Royal Society of Edinburgh to develop adenoviral vectors with diminished hepatocyte transduction, more suitable for cardiovascular related applications.

    In 2013, I relocated to Cardiff University as a tenured Lecturer in Translational Oncology, where I am developing novel types of adenovirus suitable for clinical cancer applications.

    Academic School: Medicine

    Areas of Expertise: Cancer, Infection, Molecular, Virus

  • Professor Nicholas Topley

    I am Dean of Medical Education at Cardiff University School of Medicine.

    I received my Bachelors degree (BSc) in Microbiology from University College Cardiff and my PhD at the University of Wales College of Medicine before doing postdoctoral research in Hannover, Germany.

    I am a former member of the Council of International Society for Peritoneal Dialysis and received the John F Maher Award in 1998 for outstanding contributions to Peritoneal Dialysis.

    I am Editor Emeritus of Peritoneal Dialysis International, Subject/Associate Editor for NDT and a member of the editorial board of several nephrology journals.

    I am one of the founders and the current President of a European organisation dedicated to increasing knowledge and education in the PD community.

    Academic School: Medicine

    Areas of Expertise: Antibiotic, Disease, Infection, Molecular, NHS

  • Professor Maurice Hallett

    I am Professor of Experimental Cell Biology and use cell biological approaches to developing targets for therapeutic intervention aimed (especially) at inflammatory disease.

    Academic School: Medicine

    Areas of Expertise: Infection, Molecular

  • Dr William Davies

    I am interested in the (epi)genetic mechanisms underlying sex differences in brain function and behaviour.

    Academic School: Medicine

    Areas of Expertise: Disease, Genetics, Mental health, Molecular, Neuroscience, Psychiatry, Psychology

  • Professor Duncan Baird

    I am a geneticist working on telomere biology, our work is pertinent to both the ageing process and cancer.

    Academic School: Medicine

    Areas of Expertise: Cancer, Genetics, Molecular