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Professor John Culling

02920 874523

I am an expert in psychocoustics, binaural hearing and speech perception in noise.

About my research

Listeners are highly proficient at detecting and identifying sounds, especially speech sounds, in background noise. This ability is remarkable, because the waveform of the attended voice may be quite swamped by those of competing voices at the two ears. It also has important practical ramifications, since hearing impaired listeners often find a single voice intelligible when amplified, but find any interfering sound intolerable.

In very noise environments normally-hearing listeners will also struggle, especially in reverberant rooms. By investigating the perceptual mechanisms which underlie these effects, I hope to uncover principles which could guide the design of hearing-aids, cochlear implants and, indeed, rooms so that they facilitate rather than impede communication in noise.

Membership of professional bodies

  • Acoustical Society of America
  • British Society of Audiology
  • Experimental Psychology Society

Media and speaking experience

Newspaper articles (Western Mail)
New Scientist
BBC TV and Radio
CBC Radio


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