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Steering Committee

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Name School Telephone Email Research summary
Anna Jensen Biosciences 02920 879115 Anna’s research interests are in the role of placental imprinted gene expression in complications of pregnancy, particularly intrauterine growth restriction.
Bethan Fulford
Psychology 02920 870477 The main aim of Bethan’s research is to investigate how beliefs and knowledge about fertility affect fertility decision-making (e.g., when to have children, how to prepare for pregnancy) and ultimately fertility outcomes (e.g., whether a pregnancy is achieved). It is hoped that this research will help individuals to maximize the chance of achieving their childbearing goals by making healthy lifestyle choices and seeking fertility treatment when needed.
Gráinne McNamaragra Medicine 02920 687046 Gráinne’s research focuses on investigating brain development, in the context of a maternally expressed imprinted gene, Cdkn1c, and studying how altered dosage of this gene can affect adult behaviour, in particular reward related and social behaviours. In addition, Gráinne is studying the effect of the maternal environment during pregnancy on offspring brain development and resulting changes in offspring adult behaviour, with a particular interest in the status of imprinted gene expression as the result of an altered in utero environment.
Christine Pinkard
Psychology 02920 870477 Christine’s main research interests concern the lack of equality and diversity within the population who achieve conception.  Consequently, Christine’s research aims to investigate reproductive decision-making in populations who cannot conceive spontaneously, such as same-sex couples and people with transmissible conditions.
Laura Goodwin
Nursing & Midwifery Studies 02920 917727 Laura’s research aims to explore the relationship between minority ethnic women and UK midwives in the South Wales region. This research stems from a keen interest in reducing maternal mortality in this patient group, and narrowing ethnic inequalities in health.