Research Network Members

We are currently compiling a list of members who attend our meetings. Members are given the opportunity to have their contact details and research interests published on this website as a means of establishing contacts, networking opportunities and learning about what research goes on in the network.

If you would like your details to be published on this page then please email  Below are our newest members:

John Lowe

Cardiff University, School of Medicine, Department of Child Health

Email address:

Research interests: Childhood outcomes of preterm and low birthweight in respiratory disease, epidemiology and mechanisms.


Sara Mesquita da Silva

Cardiff University, School of Pyschology

Email address:

Research interests: How individuals psychologically deal with infertility problems and other kinds of life challenges during the life-span


Heather Trickey

Cardiff University, School of Social Sciences

Email address:

Research interests: Infant feeding, public health, parenthood, complex interventions, ecological and complex systems approaches in public health.