Initiating partnerships with academic staff

  • Find out which lecturers have an interest in information or digital literacy and develop these contacts.
  • Make the most of your meetings with new academic staff. These are an ideal opportunity to promote the value of information literacy and the wider context of learning literacies and explaining how you can help.
  • Identify existing modules where learning literacies could successfully be developed alongside subject content and speak to the module leader.
  • Show examples of learning activities you have developed or have been developed by colleagues and explain the context in which they’ve been used.
  • Offer to deliver a session in partnership with an academic. This can effectively reinforce the relationship between your teaching and that of the academic staff.
  • Refer to feedback you’ve received from students who you have previously taught highlighting the benefits.
  • Make links, where appropriate, to information literacy when attending School meetings. Tie in discussions of academic literacies with other School priorities such as combating plagiarism or employability.
  • Offer to provide training for School staff in digital and information literacy.

Working with educators to integrate the IL Framework

Integrating information literacy into the curriculum requires partnership and close collaboration with academic staff and other experts in the institution. It is desirable that you explore the development of information literacies in the broader context of learning literacies, as a more holistic and integrated approach will result in better learning.

In the Cardiff IL Framework section, Joe Nicholls (Senior Consultant: Digital Enablement and former member of the Digidol Project Team) explains the importance of integrating learning literacies, including information literacy, and suggests how they can be efficiently and effectively integrated through common practices students encounter during their studies.


In the next section we look at promoting IL to students.