Promoting IL to students

When IL sessions are embedded in curricula, students have a strong impetus to attend. Nevertheless, some well targeted publicity will not go amiss. In order to maximise attendance:

  • Get involved in induction / registration week events. Give a lively 10 minute presentation to the whole cohort within the School’s induction programme. This is an ideal opportunity to introduce yourself and highlight the importance of the IL sessions students will be attending.
  • Ensure that the library induction (online or face-to-face) is included in the students’ timetable and handbook and mentioned in the course introductory lecture.
  • If you have had no prior or recent contact with the students, arrange with lecturing staff to advertise and promote your session through an announcement at the start of a lecture. Better still, drop by and make the announcement yourself.
  • Make use of Twitter, Learning Central announcements and library blogs to publicise sessions.
  • You may want to avoid the term ‘information literacy’; ‘research skills’ may be more readily accepted and understood.


In the next chapter we look at the foundations of learning.