Learning literacies

Advocated by the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC), learning literacies encompass the inter-related academic literacies (such as problem-solving, criticality, analysis, evaluation and synthesis), digital literacies (knowledge and skills developed through interacting with digital media and technologies) and information literacies.

The Developing learning literacies in a Cardiff graduate (pdf) framework, developed by the JISC Digidol Project makes clear the importance of developing a Cardiff graduate’s awareness, access, skills, practices and attributes through subject relevant academic, information and digital literacies. It asks educators to move beyond teaching functional skills to enabling students to engage in knowledge practices to develop the attributes of a lifelong learner.

In this video, Joe Nicholls, (Senior Consultant: Digital Enablement) and former member of the Digidol Project team, explains the term learning literacies.


The next section introduces the Cardiff University Library Service Information Literacy Framework.