RLUK Benchmarking

RLUK (Research Libraries UK) have introduced a Service Standards benchmark initiative. One of the standards is for Digital and Information Literacy, and RLUK require the evaluation forms which we use for our information literacy teaching to include the following question:

“As a result of today’s session, do you have greater confidence in using library and information resources? (Answer: Yes/No)”

Feedback can be requested in a variety of ways. The above question can be solicited as a standalone exercise or incorporated into other feedback mechanisms, provided the data can be mapped over.

The question should be addressed to each student at the end of an IL session or the final session of a series.

Responses may be collected via a number of means:

Benchmarking your own teaching may be useful for a variety of reasons, for example to gauge year on year whether your teaching is having the desired impact. If you have made substantial changes to your teaching methods or materials, it can be used to assess the relative success of these adjustments.

Benchmarking isn’t the only way to gain feedback and evaluate your teaching. You may find the above approach lacks nuance and doesn’t address individual aspects of your information literacy teaching.


The next section looks at other ways of getting feedback from your students.