Short face-to-face induction

We have compiled two lists of suggested content, depending on whether you find yourself offering a short induction of maybe 10-20 minutes at the very start of semester, or maybe a longer session later in term, with more time to expand on what’s available to students.

Short induction

  • The location of the library and opening hours.
  • How to understand a reading list and find the items on it.
  • IT facilities available in the library.
  • How to log on to the network and also the Student Intranet, for on- and off-campus access to email and library resources.

At this stage, students’ requirements may well be more IT- than library-related: check with the School to find out if an IT representative has already covered the additional key points below, or will be doing so imminently. If not, consider addressing these yourself:

  • How to access the internet to email home (students may not be registered to use the network yet, and provisions are made annually for international students to access the internet prior to registration).
  • Once registered to use the network, how to register devices to access the university wireless network.
  • How to access Cardiff University E-learning (Blackboard).

Check if there are any questions before you finish. If you cannot provide an immediate answer, offer to pass a response via the course organiser or, if you have instructor access, post a message on Blackboard.

If you are allocated a short induction slot, try to negotiate an additional session nearer to an assignment deadline at which more detail can be given.


The next section looks at what you might cover in a longer library induction.