Online induction

The University Library Service has developed some online induction materials which may help take pressure off library staff at this busy time of year. Research has shown that online delivery of IL can be equally as effective as face-to-face teaching.[1]

The online induction has been designed to be generically applicable to most students so that you can use it “off the shelf” or you can select the sections you want to use. Guidance is available on how to customise the online induction to add subject-specific material for your School(s) [Cardiff University login required].

Ways to use the online induction:

  • Send to new students prior to their arrival at Cardiff University – keen ones can take a look in advance.
  • Offer instead of face-to-face if you have large cohorts and many repeat sessions to deliver. Your students may then have the opportunity to meet you face-to-face in follow-up information literacy workshops later in the year.
  • As a back-up for students who enrolled late or otherwise missed your face-to-face induction.
  • As an additional format for students with disabilities or whose first language is not English.
  • As a reminder to students later in the year who have forgotten essential library procedures! Many face-to-face inductions are delivered near the start of the autumn semester when students have so much to take in. A subsequent online refresher at the point-of-need may be just the thing.


Next we offer some tips for running a short face-to-face induction.


References for this page

[1] Weightman, A. et al. 2017. A systematic review of information literacy programs in higher education: Effects of face-to-face, online, and blended formats on student skills and views. Evidence Based Library and Information Practice 12(3), pp. 20-55. doi: