Handouts are useful:

  • As a memory aid – students will have information to refer to after the lesson
  • To provide practical exercises for students to follow
  • To encourage good note-taking practice – students are more likely to be engaged in the presentation when not preoccupied with taking down the main points

They may take various forms:

You should be aware of the importance of accessible handouts – see the checklist below, and further general guidelines for preparing written materials.

Checklist: Accessible handouts

  • Prepare handouts using at least 12pt Arial font
  • Use bold text for headings and avoid feint text at all times
  • Avoid excessive use of capitalisation, underlining and italicisation
  • Leave plenty of space between blocks of text
  • Left-justify text and leave the right margin jagged
  • Use matt-finished paper in cream or pastel colours
  • Keep an up-to-date electronic copy for advance circulation, if requested


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