Using the Resource Hub

The Resource Hub is a collection of learning objects on IL topics developed at Cardiff University for use in your teaching.

Learning objects can be used in their entirety or parts can be repurposed as required.

They can be integrated into a variety of teaching contexts, both online and face-to-face:

  • IL movies: consider using a video outlining some essential IL skills such as uncovering journal articles, evaluating online sources and citing material correctly.
  • The Citing References: Taking the Frights out of your Cites movie has proved particularly successful. Subject Librarian Cath Borwick explained that ‘the humour helped make a potentially boring topic more bearable’. Dr. Patricia Kieran, senior lecturer in Engineering at University College Dublin, remarked that ‘the video certainly elicited a far higher level of attention than I usually see when I try to address the same material through conventional lecturing’.
  • Short tutorials: inject some variety and give students a break from the sound of your voice by letting them immerse themselves in an online IL tutorial. As well as the full-scale Library toolkit for Health and Xerte tutorial on Evaluating the evidence: starting your research students can also, for example, see how to plan a search strategy or uncover the vagaries of the Harvard referencing system.
  • Activities and quizzes: try getting your students to practise what they’ve learnt with the range of interactive exercises such as the Reference format quiz, to consolidate what you’ve taught them on the Harvard style.

You could also direct students to watch a video or try an activity before they attend your class, so that the class can be used for practical application of skills learned.  For example you could ask the students to watch the Finding Information Top Tips video which talks through the process of searching our electronic databases, then ask the students to compare and evaluate different database resources during class time.  This could form part of a flipped classroom approach to your teaching.


In the next section we will look at using multimedia in your IL teaching.