Writing a lesson plan

Your lesson plan should provide a practical framework which you can follow during the lesson. It should also enable a colleague to deliver a session in your absence – make sure that lesson plans are shared in a location accessible to all potential teachers of the lesson.

A lesson plan should include:

  • Course title, session title, and date and time of session
  • Number of students
  • Aims and learning outcomes
  • Checklist of items to bring or things to set up at the start of the session, including:
    • Handouts to be distributed
    • Evaluation sheets
    • Equipment that needs to be set up
    • Any other special instructions
  • Sub-headings together with timing guidelines
  • Details of activities / how the students will learn
  • Your initials, filename given to the document and date of last revision. These should be at the end of the document.

The precise format and design of your plan will depend on the nature of the session and your own preferences but this lesson plan (example) may provide you with some inspiration.


In the next section we will look at planning learning activities.