Protecting Your Mobile Device

For advice on how best to protect your mobile device follow the links below:


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Information Commissioner’s Office – Safer Smartphones A Guide to Keeping Your Device Secure.

Mobile Security Advice – including instructions on how to set-up features that allow you to locate your lost phone and if necessary wipe its contents.

McAfee 10 Quick Tips to Mobile Security – including information and advice on what steps to take to protect your mobile device and why.

  1. Lock your device with a personal identification number or password
  2. Only install applications from trusted sources
  3. Back up your data
  4. Keep your system updated
  5. Don’t hack / root / jailbreak your device
  6. Always log out of banking and shopping sites
  7. Turn off Wi-Fi, location services and Bluetooth when they are not in use
  8. Avoid texting or emailing personal information
  9. Don’t click on links or attachments in unsolicited emails or text messages
  10. Install a mobile security app

Ofcom Guides – on how to protect your phone including the video guides embedded below on how to set various security features for the most popular mobile phones.

Topics covered include

  • Using apps safely and securely on your mobile phone
  • Lost or stolen phone
  • Children and in-app purchases
  • Parental controls for mobile phones
  • Parents guide on buying a mobile phone or tablet for your child
  • Children and mobile location based services