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If so, your router may have been hijacked It’s possible hackers have hijacked your internet router causing unauthorised ads and adult content to appear on many websites you visit. UK security expert Graham Cluley and security researchers Ara Labs have warned of an active campaign which is seeing attackers changing the DNS settings on users router’s for […]

Graham Cluley is pretty cheesed off with the people responsible for administering Jamie Oliver’s website which has, yet again, been compromised and has been infecting visiting computers with malware (malicious software). Read more here. With approximately 10 million visitors a month to the website you would like to think that Jamie’s website administrators would do everything possible to keep the […]

Graham Cluley, the well respected IT security professional, alerts us to the availability of a hardware tool (black box), called IP Box, that can be bought for less than £200 which can brute force crack the four digit password that most users have protecting their iPhones. What is brute force cracking? Brute force (also known as brute force cracking) is […]

  Hackers stole the personal details of thousands of TalkTalk customers resulting in some customers receiving scam phone calls to elicit further sensitive banking information. Recently, UK broadband and phone operator TalkTalk emailed customers to tell them that an investigation had uncovered that there had been a significant data breach involving a third party contractor which […]

Following formal assessment of the available secure cloud based file storage options, the University has selected Mircrosoft OneDrive for Business. The new service will be delivered in June 2015 for staff and August 2015 for students. This service will provide both staff and students with a secure cloud based file store (up to 1TB of cloud file storage), […]

Following the so-called celebrity iCloud photo hack which occurred in August (2014), Apple increased security measures by extending two-factor verification to iCloud, and last week this was further extended to FaceTime and iMessage. The information in this blog has been based on this InfoWorld article.   What is two-step verification (two-factor authentication)? Two-step verification is a process which verifies a user’s credentials using […]

Approximately 33 million people in the UK choose the convenience of banking online but is it safe? The three key ways online criminals can access online bank accounts are phishing, vishing and password theft. With a phishing scam you receive a hoax email purporting to come from your bank. The scam email tells you to click on a link […]

Graham Cluley alerts us that online criminals are attacking Internet Explorer and Firefox users via a now patched zero day vulnerability in Adobe Flash. Adobe warned users in a recent security advisory of the critical vulnerability and subsequently released an emergency update for Flash patching the vulnerability known as CVE-2015-0313 this week. However, that will be too late for thousands of computer users […]