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An update on the release of the University cloud based storage service, Microsoft OneDrive for Business.               In April we advised that Microsoft were making some enhancements to OneDrive for Business and were due to release a new version of the application in May. Since then Microsoft has decided […]

This week Ruth Robertson the ISF Programme Manager has been at the Information and Records Management Society Annual Conference. Ruth gave a presentation ‘Managing Information Security Risk: Practical advice…’ about what we’ve achieved here at Cardiff and lessons learnt along the way. There was a lot of interest in the room and the free copies of […]

What is encryption? Encryption protects your information from being accessed by unauthorised people. Many of us carry around smartphones, tablets and laptops containing a mixture of personal and University information. By encrypting mobile devices and laptops information will be protected from falling into the wrongs hands. Please see our website to find out more about encryption and how it works.       […]

Security flaws continue to plague popular Apple products with security researchers and bloggers all a buzz over a trio of issues Issue 1 On Monday (20th April) Ars Technica reported that around 1,500 iPhone and iPad applications contain an HTTPS-crippling vulnerability that makes it easy for attackers to intercept encrypted passwords, bank-account numbers, and other highly sensitive information, according to research […]

More and more people are opting to use free consumer cloud data storage services like Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Apple iCloud etc. and many of these services offer the facility to share files with others. Unfortunately, many users are putting their data at risk by not applying caution and controls when sharing private or sensitive data.   Graham Cluley […]

Many people have written password details somewhere that could be viewed by others. Perhaps they knew they shouldn’t and thought “how bad can it be” or maybe the consequences didn’t even cross their minds. Quite possibly it never occurred to the people highlighted in the article below of the embarrassing consequences of visible passwords at their offices being broadcast on live TV. Lewis Morgan […]

Apple’s latest OS X 10.10.03 upgrade offers hundreds of new emojis (those ideograms or smiley’s used in electronic messages and Web pages) and Photos (the long awaited replacement for iPhoto), however, there are more serious security reasons why you should be thinking about updating your OS X. Regardless of the new features it is well worth upgrading your iMac desktop and […]

Graham Cluley has alerted us about a widespread vulnerability in Android devices, where attackers covertly modify or entirely replace popular Android apps like ‘Angry Birds’ with malware, without users being aware. This exploit does not require the device to be rooted however rooted devices are more vulnerable.               How do […]

If so, your router may have been hijacked It’s possible hackers have hijacked your internet router causing unauthorised ads and adult content to appear on many websites you visit. UK security expert Graham Cluley and security researchers Ara Labs have warned of an active campaign which is seeing attackers changing the DNS settings on users router’s for […]

Graham Cluley is pretty cheesed off with the people responsible for administering Jamie Oliver’s website which has, yet again, been compromised and has been infecting visiting computers with malware (malicious software). Read more here. With approximately 10 million visitors a month to the website you would like to think that Jamie’s website administrators would do everything possible to keep the […]