In this weeks The Mac Security Blog we are advised of a recent kerfuffle about concerns that the latest version of Apple’s OS X Yosemite operating system, was sending precise details of users’ locations and their search terms back to Apple. This will also affect users of iOS 8, searching with Spotlight. Although OS X Yosemite patches numerous security […]

On Tuesday Microsoft warned Windows users of a new zero-day flaw currently being exploited by Cyber criminals via PowerPoint, affecting all releases (except Windows Server 2003). Yesterday Graham Cluley advised users to be on guard and refer to the following security advisory, where Microsoft outlined the bug and provided a one-click tool from its “Fixit” line that customers can […]

What is Shellshock? It is a vulnerability or bug in a piece of software called Bash (Bourne Again Shell) which has been discovered this week. The bug has the potential to affect millions of computers and has been nicknamed Shellshock. How serious is it? The United States National Vulnerability Database have rated the bug as […]

What A flaw in eBays security settings has allowed criminals to use Cross Site Scripting (XSS) to list items on the popular auction site which redirect users to phishing pages designed to steal usernames and passwords or potentially deliver viruses and malware to users computers. The issue was originally identified in February, but hit the […]

“In the aftermath of Heartbleed, users of web services have been widely exhorted to change all their passwords, and reminded that they should be changing them regularly. Such advice is passed around as an accepted, near-axiomatic best practice, but is it? Should you actually be changing your passwords regularly? Or ever?” Source:  The article quoted […]

The University Information Security Framework programme is in the process of establishing the most cost effective means by which to deliver enterprise encryption in order to secure University laptops used to handle confidential information. The ultimate aim being to deliver a centralised service for those who need to encrypt a University laptop (whether the whole disk […]