2020 – Public Seminar Series

Once again we have an exciting programme for our 2020 Public Seminar Series. We have organised a rich and varied programme of speakers, and we hope you can attend one or more of the lectures. The new Islam UK Centre Brochure has full details of all speakers as well as information about recent activities here at the Centre, news about our publications, details of graduate student research, and reminders about upcoming courses and events. Please secure your place if you intend to come to one or more of the events by registering via our “BOOK HERE” links on the event calendar below. Many of our previous year’s lectures are now available on our YouTube Channel.

2020 Event Calendar

Wednesday 5th February 5pm John Percival Building, room 5.24

Dr Usaama al-Azami: ‘The Arab Revolutions and Western Muslims: Tracing a Transnational Story of a Crisis of Religious Authority’


Wednesday 19th February 5pm John Percival Building, room 5.24

Dr Maryyum Mehmood: ‘Through the Target’s Lens: Lived Realities of Antisemitism and Islamophobia’


Wednesday 4th March 5pm John Percival Building, room 5.24

Dr Mathew Guest: ‘Anxiety and Stigma in the Lives of Muslim Students: How the ‘radicalisation’ narrative has changed higher education in Britain’


Wednesday 18th March 5pm John Percival Building, room 5.24

Prof. Masooda Bano: ‘Making Islam Relevant: The Role of New Islamic Scholarly Networks in the West’


Wednesday 22nd April 6pm Glamorgan Building, Committee Rooms: 1 & 2

Jason Mohammad: ‘From Cardiff To The World Cup Final.’