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Welcome to the Islam-UK Centre blog which is intended as another way to share research, ideas and stories about Muslims in Britain. We say ‘another’ because we already share our research and the works of other scholars, activists, and professionals from various backgrounds through our website where you can find research from our staff and the “Virtual Research Centre”.  This includes dissertations from former students, and videos of lectures and seminars we’ve hosted over the years – it’s a living catalogue of discussions about Muslims in the UK. These videos connect to the public seminars and events we host, bringing scholars, students and the community together in real life. More videos produced by the Centre can be accessed through our YouTube Channel. Every Spring since 2013 we’ve offered a MOOC – a free online course – about Muslims in Britain. Here, we present an informal discussion on issues and ideas, with a rotating cast of bloggers drawn from staff, students, alumni, and friends in the community, writing about what’s happening and what matters to them.

I write this in the glorious summer sunshine of South Wales deliberating over the past nine months at the Islam-UK Centre. As a Jameel scholar privileged to undertake the MA Islam in Contemporary Britain, I have had an extremely fruitful year. I was aware of the Islam-UK Centre for many years, but after coming (perhaps […]

At the end of the 19th century and the beginning of 20th century, one of the largest linguistic groups in Butetown were Welsh people. Welsh was spoken everyday and by a whole range of people from different areas. Cardiff is a port city with a huge proportion of mixed race people.  Despite this, conversations on Islam, ethnic […]

I have just taken over as Head of the School of History, Archaeology and Religion. One of my new duties has been to take on the role of the Chair of the Islam-UK Centre’s Management Committee. I was not sure what this would involve, but I knew that I was excited to see ‘under the […]

14 February marks the thirtieth anniversary of the fatwa pronounced by the Iranian religious and political leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini advocating the murder of Indian-British novelist Salman Rushdie. Some Valentine. The day was already due to be a dark one for Rushdie, with the memorial service for his friend, the writer Bruce Chatwin. That death […]

Lecturer in Islamic Studies Mansur Ali does research on Islamic bioethics. A key part of his work at the moment involves Muslims and organ donation. He was featured this month on a radio documentary for BBC Radio 4 called Me and My Fatwa. Here’s how his contribution happened: How did your part in this radio piece come together? […]

Ever since I began my doctoral studies, I received a lot of enquiries, particularly from young people, asking questions about enrolling onto a doctoral programme. Subsequently, I compiled a list on what to expect when applying for a PhD: Apply to more than one university: I applied to ten different universities and completed seven to […]

Building on the success of 2014’s postgraduate-led conference, the Islam-UK Centre kicked off 2018 with a one-day symposium which considered the narratives surrounding Islam, Muslims, and education in Britain. The symposium emerged from our reflections as doctoral students whose theses are contributing to these debates. We have noticed that, whilst there has been a proliferation […]

North London Central Mosque in Finsbury Park.Image by Danny Robinson (CC BY-SA 2.0),via Wikimedia Commons Social media has advanced at an alarming rate: people can now access their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages on their smartphones, wherever they are. For many, one of the biggest attractions of social media is that it is not limited […]