CYAN is a non-profit organisation, established in April 2011 on the 1300th anniversary of the arrival of Muslims in Europe. It takes its name from a merging of the words Cymru (CY) and Andalusia (AN) recognising the need for Muslim communities in Wales to have an identity rooted in Europe. Given the extraordinary contribution to the development of the European Continent from the Moorish era in Spain, and the tolerant multi-faith society that it produced, CYAN felt its name should inspire through focusing the minds of Muslims in Wales on the scientific and artistic European heritage that emerged from Andalusia or ‘Muslim Spain’, which was both ‘Muslim’ and ‘Western’ at the same time. CYAN is committed to the promotion of good race and inter-faith relations in Wales and Europe, as well as the promotion of common heritage. CYAN promotes the balanced, moderate, middle way of Islam and is part of the ‘Alliance for Peace and the Middle Path’. Through film, theatre, lectures, courses, exhibitions, excursions and retreats, CYAN works to introduce both Muslim and non-Muslim audiences in the West to the rich historical, scientific and artistic contributions of Muslims in Europe and across the Globe, encouraging collaboration on joint initiatives.

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