Jameel Scholarships MA student reviews

image-181567-webRead reviews from previous and current Jameel MA scholars. Find out more about their experiences as Jameel scholars, studying and living in Cardiff and about their career prospects.

 MA students 2009-2010

image-181562-thumbMustafa Hameed

In many ways Cardiff and its Islam-UK Centre are conducting ground-breaking research about Muslims in Britain and bringing it to bear on contemporary knowledge and understanding.


image-181563-thumbHelen Falconer

The skills I acquired when setting up and managing my own research project with Muslim women in Cardiff (for my dissertation) equipped me well for my current role in research policy and management.


MA students 2010-2011

Emily-Rose Lewis

The prestige of being a Cardiff University Jameel Scholar has definitely helped in my move into the work environment.

Abdul-Azim Ahmed

Abdul-Azim is currently working as Director of Glyndwr Learning which provides leadership and management training in South Wales.

image-182189-thumbAdviya Khan

My scholarship and MA at Cardiff directly contributed to the position I have now as it gave me knowledge on Muslims in Britain and the issues of diversity, immigration and other contemporary issues.

MA students 2011-2012

image-181564-thumbJamal Hussain

There is a great deal of interaction between the Centre of Islam in the UK and the wider academic community.


image-181565-thumbEllora Adam

The course design brings together historical background with contemporary issues and means that you learn a lot of important context, as well as vital analytical skills.


image-181566-thumbFambaye Sow

I would recommend this programme of study for those who desire a professional career in research, be it in the academic field or the third sector (including NGOs)..