Module 1 – Faith and Practice

Hello. I’m Sophie Gilliat-Ray, Professor of Religious Studies and Director of the Islam UK Center here at Cardiff University. In this course we explore the history, beliefs, and practices of British Muslims, not in an abstract sense, but through the lived experiences of individuals and their communities in the UK. As well as myself and my colleagues in Cardiff University, you’ll be hearing from Muslim chaplains and community leaders, as well as from a number of British Muslims. They’ll be sharing their experiences of practicing their faith in modern Britain. Through a range of personal stories, we’ll lean about the ethnic, cultural, and religious diversity of British Muslim communities today.

In this first Module , we’ll start by looking at beliefs and practises. We’ll explore the sacred texts of Islam and the so-called Five Pillars that shape the lives of British Muslims. We’ll take a virtual tour through a mosque and begin to think about the implications of practicing Islam in the context of contemporary Britain.