Module 3 – Communities

Welcome to module three of Muslims in Britain: Changes and Challenges. I do hope that you’re enjoying the course so far. In this module our focus shifts from the historical and sociological study of migration to Muslim communities in Britain today. Our analysis will be informed by a range of personal stories which reveal something of the variety of ethnicities, beliefs, and cultures challenging any simplistic generalisations.

In the second part of the week, we will look at the development of religious organisations, structures, and professional roles within British society today. In particular, we’ll consider the evolution of Muslim chaplaincy and its developing place in British institutions such as the armed forces. We’ll have the opportunity to hear from two chaplains currently working in the UK, Ali Omar and Rehanah Sadiq.

Ali Omar is an experienced Muslim chaplain who’s worked in prisons, in hospitals, and now in the military. He will give us his direct personal account of the role of the chaplain and share his experiences delivering pastoral care in modern British society. We will also have the opportunity to hear the female perspective through the experiences of Rehanah, who is a Muslim hospital chaplain and was the first female chaplain for the 2012 Olympic Games in London.