MA Dissertations

This section of the site houses the archives of all  dissertations by Jameel scholars for the Masters Degree  – “Islam In Contemporary Britain.”  since the beginning of the programme.

2015 – 2016

Faisal Ali

Amanda Morris

2014 – 2015

Joseph Ford

Does Islamic critical realism provide a useful ‘lens’ for researching contemporary British Muslim leadership and civil engagement?→

Thomas Walters

Sandra Maurer

Natasha Tiley

2012 – 2013

Yunus Ali

How and to what extent can modern educational practices be employed to help make traditional Islamic education more meaningful and relevant for young Muslims living in Britain?: A Case Study of The Amanah Centre →

Anisa Ather

Why Are British Muslims Writing?: Interviews with Three British Muslim Memoir Writers →

Matthew Vince

We don’t make life, we reflect it’ Eastenders: Masood family and the question of Islamophobic representation within the British Media →