Public Lectures

This section of the site houses our archives of those lectures we have recorded. In more recent years ALL the lectures have been recorded and so the archive is continually growing.

2019 Public Seminar Series

Dr Anabel Inge: ‘The Making of a Salafi Muslim Woman: Paths to Conversion’ 

Dr Fauzia Ahmad: ‘The British Muslim Marriage Crisis’ 

Haroon Sidat:  ‘What is ‘authority’ in Islam?’ 

Dr Stephen Pihlaja: ‘How technology influences what we believe’

James Fergusson:  ‘Islam – Another British Religion?’ 

Professor Katherine Pratt Ewing: ‘Playing with Gender in South Asian Sufism’

2018 Public Seminars

2017 Public Seminars

Professor Nasar Meer Liberal Citizenship, Multiculturalism and Muslims in Europe→

Riyaz Timol Spiritual Wayfarers in a Secular Age: The Tablighi Jama’at in Modern Britain→

Professor Reina Lewis Modest Fashion Politics: The Challenges of Defending Choice→

Dr Daniel DeHanas Losing Faith in the State? Muslim Youth Politics in the East End of London→

Batool Al-Toma Conversion to Islam – Impacting the Dynamics of Muslim Communities in Britain?→

2016 Public Seminars

Dr Shamim Miah:  Trojan Horse and Prevent’ing of Schooling: Muslims, Securitisation and Racialised Politics. →

Dr Abdullah Sahin: Islam, Education and Construction of Religious Authority among British Muslim Communities: A Critical Reflection.  →

Dr Stephen Jones: Reclaiming the idea of British Islam: institutional change and the failures of the ‘Muslim integration’ debate. 

Fiyaz Mughal: The shifting sands of anti-Muslim hatred: from the far right and the margins, to the mainstream. →

Professor Grace Davie: Contextualising Islam in 21st Century Britain”  →

2015 Public Lectures

Zia Salik British Muslims and charitable giving → 

Professor Humayun Ansari Loyal Enemies or Critical Friends’? The Challenges for British Muslims in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries →

Dr Sariya Contractor Demystifying the Muslimah: Faithful Feminists? →

Dr Chris Allen Approaching Islamophobia from a Human Rights Perspective →

Haroon Sidat & Saleem Seedat with Prof Ron Geaves The Darul Ulum and Mainstream Higher Education: A Way Forward? → 

Imran Mogra Challenges and Opportunities: British Muslim Women and Maktab Education → 

2014 Public Lectures

Professor Mona Siddiqui – Friendship and Hospitality – challenge or route to integration? →

Professor John Eade  – Plural Identities and the Islamisation of Public Space in Britain →

Ajmal Masroor  – Muslim Family Life in Britain:Between Ideals and Reality →

Mike Kavanagh & Ahtsham Ali – Muslims in Prison: Breaking the Myths” Between Ideals and Reality →

Navid Akhtar- CASTING ISLAM – UK television and the Muslim narrative →

Mufti Bilal Syed and Maulana Dr Mansur Ali –  A day in the life of an Imam in Cardiff: Mufti Bilal in conversation with Mansur Ali →

Mufti Muhammad ibn Adam  – The Role of a Mufti in Modern Society →

2013 Public Lectures

Fazlun Khalid – Muslims, the Environment and the Challenge of the Emerging Order – An Islamic Perspective →

Farah Ahmed – Using Islamic Study Circles (halaqahs) as a Research Method →

Linda Woodhead – Islam in Britain Today: Findings from the national Religion and Society Research Programme” →

2012 Public Lectures

Robert Lambert – Countering al-Qaeda in London: Police and Muslims in Partnership

Imam Asim Hafiz – Chaplaincy in the Military: An Islamic Perspective

Abdul Hadi Hoffmann – Europe’s Christian Identity – Deconstruction of a Myth

Amina Yaqin – Performing Beyond the Frame: Muslim Comedy and Stereotyping

Dr Sean McLoughlin – Holy Places, Contested Spaces: British Muslim experiences of Hajj

Dr Sophie-Gilliat Ray & Mark Bryant – Islamic Gardens in the UK : Dynamics of Conservation Culture and Communities.

Andrew Petersen – The Archaeology of Islam in Britain

2010 Public Lectures

Russell Sandberg – Islam and English Law

2009 Public Lectures

Ziauddin Sardar – Islam, Public Space, and British Muslims →

Sadek Hamid – Young, Muslim, and British: an introduction to a field

Shaykh Amjad Mohammad – Recent Hanafi Fatawa in the British Context

Grahame Davies – The Welsh and the Muslims: contact, coexistence and conflict in five centuries of literature

Robina Mohammad – Pakistani Muslims in Britain: communities in transition. A Birmingham focused case study

Bill Gent – Inside the world of British mosque supplementary classes

Nasar Meer – Islamophobia: real or imagined?

Kerry Moore & Justin Lewis – Representations of British Muslims in the Media