The purpose of LawLab is to advance the field of empirical and collaborative research in pursuit of effective regulation/regulatory systems and to promote cross-disciplinary research and knowledge exchange between legal and non-legal scholars. The centre constitutes an dynamic site of activity hosted by Cardiff School of Law & Politics.
  • Central to our work is the exploration of methods, technologies and approaches that help us to analyse the relationship between law, regulation and the living social environment.
  • Identification of expertise that are germane to, and intersect with questions about law and regulation prove critical for our understandings.
  • LAWLAB centralises an ethic of collaboration, with the explicit aim of making a positive difference in the broader community by producing robust policy-orientated work attained through partnership with end-users, intermediaries, and across disciplines.
We are also home to the Law, Experience and Practice (LEAP) network (funded by the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences).