Building Interdisciplinarity: Plans and Project Ideas – Network Event

Law, Experience and Practice (LEAP) Meeting on 24th February 2017 (12 noon – 2 p.m.)

In addition to a discussion about the aims of LEAP, Nicky Priaulx, Lydia Hayes, Steve Smith and scholars from the IMGAME team in SOCSI will briefly outline (and ‘pitch’) four key initiatives in which the involvement of actors across LEAP is sought and indeed, needed. This will be the first of such meetings designed to encourage LEAP members to actively engage in working together to draw in expertise and share knowledge that might help seedling projects to flourish. Our aim is to create an environment where LEAP network members can articulate their interests and projects for which they seek collaborators within AHSS, medicine and healthcare.

This post is for information only – for further details, or general enquiries about the LEAP network, please contact Nicky Priaulx (Priaulxn@cf.ac.uk)