Events Archive

The Law, Experience and Practice network (College for Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences) in conjunction with the LawLab runs a wide variety of events throughout the year which are designed to engage its existing members around a range of themes. The explicit aim of all of our events, including the Lunchtime Workshop Series is to generate the ideal conditions for cross-disciplinary understanding and collaboration. Members of the LEAP network and LawLab are welcome to attend any of our events. Many events are also open to policy-makers, actors in third sector, industry, interested members of the public, and academics from other Higher Education Institutions. Should you wish to join our network and receive regular updates on future events and activities, please contact us at



June 2017: sciSCREEN ARRIVAL – Public Event – 14 June

June 2017: Workshop – The Future of Legal Academia: Transformations and Innovations

June 2017: Lunchtime Series: Theory informing Practice – Practice Informing Theory: Exploring the Everyday of Medical Decision-making

March 2017: Lunchtime Series – Gender Matters: Exploring the experience(s) of being a female academic in Higher Education (S93)

Feb 2017: Lunchtime Series – Building Interdisciplinarity: Plans and Project Ideas (S94)


Sept 2016: Workshop @ The Institute for Advanced Legal Studies (S95)

April 2016: Lunchtime Workshop – Practicing Collaborative Interdisciplinarity – Ways and Means (S96)

Feb 2016: Lunchtime Series – Regulating Narratives around New and Emerging Technologies (S97)


June 2015: Choosing to Care and Caring about Choice: An Interdisciplinary Conversation (S98)

Feb 2015: Workshop – Interdisciplinary Approaches to Regulating Innovation Workshop (S99)