June 2017: Workshop – The Future of Legal Academia: Transformations and Innovations

Tue, 13 Jun 2017, 09:15 – Wed, 14 Jun 2017, 17:30 BST  (Law Department of the School of Law and Politics) 

A two-day workshop specifically for colleagues in the Law Department at Cardiff

The European Legal Academy in the future will be radically different from what it is today. Whether the current generation of law professors like it or not, the combination of market pressure, new technologies, globalisation and institutional incentives will make change inevitable … (Arthur Dyevre, The Future of Legal Theory and the Law School of the Future (Cambridge: Intersentia, 2016).

Cardiff Law Staff are invited to participate in a two day workshop about the future of legal academia and, in particular, the future of legal academia at Cardiff.  During the course of this workshop we welcome keynote speakers including Professor Fiona Cownie (Keele), Professor Geoffrey Samuel (Kent), Karen Richmond (Strathcylde), Dr Jane Krishnadas (Keele), Sarah Marie Hall (Manchester) and Professor Tony Bradney (Keele). They will showcase innovative examples of scholarship and scholarly practice to help us question the goals and functions of contemporary law schools, explore what ‘legal academia’ is and to recognise the variety of professional identities it encapsulates.


This event has now occurred. You can see what we explored during the two day event in our Storify