March 2017: Lunchtime Series – Gender Matters: Exploring the experience(s) of being a female academic in Higher Education (S93)

Wed 15 March 2017 13:00 – 14:00 GMT  Room 1.28 (Committee Room, Law Building) School of Law and Politics

This short lunchtime workshop invites female academic stafffrom across AHSS to participate in a LEAP network discussion around the everyday experiences of being a female academic in higher education. We are looking to explore the range of ways and points at which one’s gender matters – and can be said to render women’s experience(s) distinctive from that of men. From the kinds of practices that might be normalised but can impact upon women differently (e.g. ideals around the ‘proper academic’) – to those who believe that there is no such thing as a distinctively ‘female experience’ of HE – we are seeking to facilitate a broad discussion about what it means to be a woman in terms of one’s everyday academic work in HE, one’s ‘work-life balance’, one’s aspirations and career hopes.

Led by Katy Greenland (SOCSI) and Nicky Priaulx (LAWPL), this session is designed to encourage broader discussion about gender in Higher Education. This discussion session is not being used for a research study, and no elements of the discussion will be recorded or retained. We would like to encourage the widest engagement across the College.

We will however, hope to interest those participating in this discussion in joining a future research study exploring Female Academics in Higher Education at Cardiff AHSS. We will be hoping to recruit female academics, and indeed in a separate part of the study, male academics, to explore gender, identity and academic labour.