Multidisciplinary Understandings of Legal Academia

Nicky Priaulx received funding from the British Academy Small Grants Award scheme for a project entitled ‘Multidisciplinary Understandings of Legal Academia’ which ran from 2015-2017. Working with Dr Martin Weinel and Willow Leonard-Clarke (SOCSI), this project investigated how other disciplinary actors conceptualise the usefulness, skills and expertise of legal academics and their attitudes about and insights into legal academia.

 The project sought to explore how actors across a range of academic fields understand, value and engage with the work of legal academics. How do other disciplinary actors conceptualise the usefulness, skills and expertise of the legal academic and the theoretical and practical relevance of ‘law’ for their own work? What do other disciplinary actors know about law and legal scholarship? This project sought to survey knowledge, attitudes and opinions of non-legal academics. Such work sought to provide a critical foundation for identifying how legal academia is understood and how to develop strategies for creating bridges between different disciplines. 

During the course of the project, we ran two main events. The first was a workshop at Cardiff University in June 2017 entitled ‘The Future of Legal Academia’ and a sciSCREEN public engagement event which highlighted the importance of collaborative interdisciplinarity work with an expert line-up to showcase the diverse work at Cardiff University and its relevance to contemporary social issues. We have also presented aspects of our findings at several conferences and workshops in the UK, as well as Internationally. 

Want to read more about this project? We have a dedicated website for this project which provides more a more detailed and accessible presentation of our findings. You will also find a number of working papers there.