The LEAP Network

Led by Nicky Priaulx and Lydia Hayes, the Law, Experience and Practice (LEAP) network which sits at the heart of the LawLab aims to draw together a body of expertise that centralizes methodological innovation and the aspiration of co-constructed research to speak to issues of policy and regulatory import around the experience of care. This broad theme has emerged as a shared interest in care as an ethical, cultural and collective practice which is fostered through enhanced cross-cultural understanding of situations and ways of living. However, since we lack immediate experience of different living and lives this limits our capacity to comprehend, appreciate or challenge the choices made by others. The experiential conundrum ever-present in care, is also ever-present for those who wish to study it at interdisciplinary level.  This network aims at learning the ‘how to’ of cross-disciplinary collaboration with the aim of producing robust research that is capable of reaching and engaging intermediaries and end-users.  While we welcome new members and partners to the LEAP network, current members include:

Aarti Lukka (PGR, LAWPL), Aimee Grant (MEDIC), Alan Gowing (Campus Facilities Staff, Creative Writing), Aled Jones (HEALTH), Alessandra Tanesini (ENCAP), Alex Hillman (SOCSI), Alison Tarrant (PGR, LAWPL), Alison Wray (ENCAP), Ambreena Manji (LAWPL), Andrew Edgar (ENCAP), Andrew Finlay (MEDIC), Angela Devereux (LAWPL), Anna Grear (LAWPL), Annette Morris (LAWPL), Annie Pye (CARBS), Aoife McDermott (CARBS), Behnaz Schofield (MEDIC), Ben Pontin (LAWPL), Byron Jones (LAWPL), Caer Smyth (PGR LAWPL), Caroline Lewis (Welsh Government), Ceri Jones (DENTISTRY), Christina Demski (PSYCH), Cindy Carter (JOMEC), Christina Marinette (MLANG), Dan Wincott (LAWPL), Dan Newman (LAWPL), Dawn Knight (ENCAP), Demetra Arsalidou (LAWPL), Derek Tilley (PGR LAWPL), Des Fitzgerald (SOCSI), Desai Shan (PGR SOCSI), Dikaios Sakellariou (HEALTH), Eleanor Johnson (PGR SOCSI), Elisa Wynne-Hughes (LAWPL), Elizabeth Willmington (PGR LAWPL), Emily Kakoullis (LAWPL), Emma Sands (Guest), Faith Simiyu (PGR LAWPL), Frances Rock (ENCAP), Francesca Sartorio (CPLAN), Garetha Thomas (SOSCI), Garthine Walker (SHARE), Haili Ma (MLANG), Hannah Hughes (LAWPL), Heather Strange (MEDIC), Helen Walker (CARBS), Huw Pritchard (LAWL), Ivan Mugabi (PGR LAWPL), Jayne Woodward (LAWPL), Jennifer Lyttleton-Smith (SOCSI), Jenny Kitzinger (JOMEC), Jessica Rastogi (PGR LAWPL), Joanna McSwiney (PGR LAWPL), John Harrington (LAWPL), Kerry Hood (Centre for Trials Unit), Julie Doughty (LAWPL), Kate Boyer (CPLAN), Kate Moles (SOCSI), Katherine Shelton (PSYCH), Kathleen Job (SOCSI), Katie Richards (LAWPL), Katy Greenland (SOCSI), Keith Syrett (LAWPL), Kersty Hobson (CPLAN), Kevin Passmore (SHARE), Laurence Totelin (SHARE), Leanne Smith (LAWPL), Loredana Polezzi (MLANG), Lucy Series (LAWPL), Ludivine Petetin (LAWPL), Luke Cowie (MEDIC), Luke Sloan (SOCSI), Lydia Hayes (LAWPL), Marc Buehner (PSYCH), Martin Weinel (SOCSI), Marysia Zalewski (LAWPL), Melanie Jones (CARBS), Muhammad Ali (SHARE), Natasha Hammond-Browning (LAWPL Visiting Fellow), Nicky Priaulx (LAWPL), Nicola Harris (LAWPL), Nina Gobat (MEDIC), Pauline Roberts (LAWPL), Phillip Fennell (LAWPL), Rachel Cahill-O’Callaghan (LAWPL), Radhika Mohanram (ENCAP), Rebecca Dimond (SOCSI), Renaud Colson (LAWPL), Rhianwen Daniel (PGR LAWPL), Ricardo Pereira (LAWPL), Rob Evans (SOCSI), Robyn Thomas (CARBS), Roser Beneito-Montagut (SOCSI), Sarah Jones (PGR ENCAP), Sergio Pineda (ARCH), Sharla Elcock (PGR LAWPL), Sharon Thompson (LAWPL), Simon Cooper (CARBS), Sofia Vougioukalou (HEALTH), Stephanie Theophanidou (PGR LAWPL), Stephen Smith (LAWPL), Tammy Boyce (SOCSI), Thomas Hayes (LAWPL), Tierney Culley (PGR LAWPL), Valeria Tolis (PGR LAWPL), Victoria Shepherd (MEDIC), Victoria Wass (CARBS), Wendy Kennett (LAWPL), Willow Leonard-Clarke (UG SOCSI).