Co-ordinator: Dr Rachael Langford

Launched in 2011, the Languages, Cultures adnd Ideologies (LCI) research unit collectively coordinates and promotes the development and presentation of members’ research in French, German, Italian, Hispanic Studies, translation studies and ideology critique.

Members of the unit share research interests in the rich and fertile intersections of literature, culture, and national identity. Our research engages with metropolitan narratives and histories, as well as the regional and global reach of languages and cultures, such as French and Spanish, and adopts transnational perspectives that investigate the legacies of colonialism and decolonisation within and beyond the boundaries of the state.

Members of the group are internationally recognised specialists in translation studies and ideology critique, extending the scope of investigation to examine how cross-disciplinary theoretical models work to enhance our understanding of contemporary cultural and ideological identities

Within the group’s range of research activities, there are strong interdisciplinary focal areas: visual cultures, cultural memory, gender and LGBT studies, peripheral identities, film studies, and Žižek studies. The unit’s activities create a vibrant dialogue between staff and PG students.

LCI builds on the cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural foundations of the Histories Memories and Fictions of Europe Research Unit (1996-2011) and is active in the dissemination of research carried out by staff and research students alike. The unit’s members organise a full programme of conferences, public lectures, seminar series, screenings, exhibitions, workshops, and symposia.


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