Study at one of the UK’s top language schools and experience university life in the capital of Wales.

If you are currently studying at one of our many partner universities across Europe, then why not join us for a semester or two in Cardiff? Many students agree that their time spent abroad was one of the best experiences of their lives, providing invaluable skills as well as unforgettable memories.

We offer modules in a variety of languages including French, German, Spanish, Italian and Japanese, as well as courses on culture, history, literature politics and cinema. Over 1400 students and 80 academic staff provide a friendly and vibrant environment with a host of exciting events and activities to get involved with.

All degree programmes have a modular structure with the academic year divided into two twelve week semesters. Each semester is followed by a period of examinations and/or assessments.

These are the University’s term dates

Applying to study in Cardiff

The Erasmus programme allows you to study for one or two semesters at the university. The academic year consists of two semesters, each of which are 12 weeks long. Students are required to complete a total of 60 credits each semester or 120 credits in a year.

If you would like to study here, you will first need to consult your home university. Once we have received their nominations and your study period has been confirmed, you will need to fill in an online application form.

Specific requirements in our School of Modern Languages

You will need to enrol for 120 credits if visiting for the whole year, with at least 80 of these credits taken within the school.  Student visiting for one semester are required to enrol for 60 credits, with at least 40 of these credits taken within the school.

Modules: The following Erasmus Module Catalogue available to select your modules, please note that you may take credits outside our school, the following Modules are available across Cardiff University, however studying in another schools is not compulsory.


If you will be studying at Cardiff University for a full academic year you are guaranteed a place in University residences.

All students who are coming to Cardiff as part-session Erasmus+ students are unfortunately not guaranteed a place in University Residences. We do not advise that you agree to take any property on the private market before visiting the property in person. You may therefore need to wait until you arrive in Cardiff before accepting any private accommodation.
In order to help you with this process, the Residences Office at Cardiff University has arranged temporary accommodation in one of the University’s Halls of Residence for part-session Erasmus+ students from Saturday 6 September until Friday 12 September only. For further queries, please email the Residences Office or the Erasmus+ Office.

Arriving in Cardiff

Students arriving in Cardiff for the Autumn semester should arrive no later than Thursday 19 September 2014. However we recommend that you arrive at some point from 8th September to ensure you don’t miss any of the important induction events.

Welcome Event:  A welcome event will take place in our school shortly after you arrive.  All Erasmus students are required to attend the School’s Welcome Event where you will meet staff from the School and find out what you need to do now that you’ve arrived in Cardiff, date and place to be confirmed.

Travel to Cardiff: The International Office organise a free coach collection service to the University in September from Heathrow and Cardiff Airports, Travelling to Cardiff – Coach Collection.

International/European Students Induction Programme: There is an Induction Programme to help International and EU students make friends, learn more about Cardiff and the University in a safe environment so that they can settle down to their new academic life quickly. Find out more about the Erasmus programme at Cardiff University.

Enrolment information for Erasmus students arriving in September

Erasmus Administrator

Esther de Santos Biezma