If you have an interest in language and culture, we offer a range of single honours and joint honours degree courses to choose from.

Languages and cultures

Taught by native speakers, our courses aim to allow students to develop a high level of proficiency in their chosen language(s) as well as a comprehensive understanding of cultures that shape them. All languages can be studied from beginner or advanced level, apart from French where we currently only offer advanced level entry.

We offer the following language courses:

Our courses are very flexible and allow to expand your interests with a range of optional modules. You can even try up to three languages in the first year and decide which one you would like to take forward in your degree.

Combine languages with other subjects

A joint honours degree is the perfect option for those would like to combine their interests. Many choose to combine two of the languages taught within the School itself. Other options such as the combination of politics and modern foreign languages are also popular. Students are required to complete a year abroad period when a language is one of the two subjects select as part of a joint honours scheme.


The School of Modern Languages offers specialist translation programmes which provide our students with practical, professional translation skills and in-depth language tuition alongside the opportunity to gain an excellent command of two modern languages. Our Translation degrees are available as three or four year programmes of study.

Why study languages at Cardiff University?

So you want to study languages but aren’t sure which university is right for you? With a reputation for excellence, expert native teachers, cutting-edge facilities and a vibrant and multicultural environment, we offer the ultimate undergraduate experience.

Not only that, but Cardiff University has a central location in the buzzing capital city of Wales. We guarantee you will enjoy exploring the buzzing nightlife, great places to eat and drink, theatres, cinemas and much more that Cardiff has to offer.

If you still aren’t sure, here are five reasons to study languages at Cardiff University.

Funding opportunities

Cardiff University offers bursaries to provide additional financial support for undergraduate students, who are normally resident in the UK, from lower income backgrounds. This money is available on top of state-funded maintenance grants and loans.