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French language and culture have been centre-stage in European and world affairs for centuries.

French is an official language of 29 countries, of all United Nations agencies, and of many other international organisations. It is considered the international language of diplomacy, and is second only to English in its influence. French is spoken across the globe as a native or second language by up to half a billion people. The French-speaking world extends across the globe from Europe to North Africa, Asia and the Americas.

On completion of a four year course in French, students will have a high level of proficiency in French, as well as a critical understanding of key aspects of modern and contemporary French literature, culture and modern France itself.

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Why study French?

In the new globalised world, French is more important than ever before and the ability to communicate in the language is an invaluable skill. Not only are there exciting career opportunities within Europe for those with a degree in French, but the excellent communications skills you will acquire are highly desired by multinational organisations worldwide.

Year abroad options

The third year of this course offers a fantastic opportunity to live in a French-speaking environment. Students will either work as a paid teaching assistant in a French school or attend a French university as part of the Erasmus programme. Established exchange programmes provide exciting opportunities to study in French cities including Montpellier and Nantes, and we also have academic links with universities in Brussels, Belgium and Geneva in Switzerland.

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Student views

After I graduated I spent 6 months as an Intern at the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg where I was involved in researching judgments of the Court in both English and in French. Studying French and Law at Cardiff is the perfect preparation for life at the European Institutions. From the moment students arrive at Cardiff, they are encouraged to use French in their day to day lives and are given plenty of opportunities to practice their languages through foreign language societies, tandem nights and cinema clubs.

Thomas, LLB Law and French student

French Programme Director

Marie-Laure Jones