Sagrada Família, Barcelona
Sagrada Família, Barcelona

A language with a global reach, shaped by a culturally diverse heritage.

With approximately 400 million native speakers in more than twenty countries where Spanish is an official language, español is one of the three international languages in the world. Today it is used in Spain, Spanish America, some parts of Africa, and increasingly in the USA.

By the end of your course, you will have a near-fluent command of the Spanish language as well as an in-depth understanding of Hispanic culture and society.

We welcome those with no previous knowledge of Spanish, as well as those with A-level Spanish. For entry at beginner level, an A-level in another foreign language is required.

We offer the following Spanish courses:

Why study Spanish?

As well as being an important European language, Spanish has a global reach. Latin American countries in particular are now integral players in international trade, meaning that the Spanish language is more important than ever. Not only that, but speaking Spanish allows you to explore the vibrant cultures, literature and politics of the Hispanic world.

There is high demand for Spanish graduates from multinational employers who value the language, communications and intercultural skills that are developed through language degrees. A Spanish course can open up a range of exciting career opportunities in fields such as international politics or business, consultancy, sales and marketing, finance, teaching, and translating/interpreting.

Year abroad options

During the third year, students have a fantastic opportunity to improve their spoken and written language, immerse themselves in another culture or gain work experience in a Spanish-speaking country. Many choose to study at one of our many partner universities in Spain or Latin America, or gain work experience as a teaching assistant in a Spanish school.

Find out more about year abroad options.

Student views

On my year abroad in Guadalajara I made some of my best friends, at first we struggled to communicate with each other but throughout the year they taught me a lot. Speaking Spanish every day really cemented my understanding of the language and it makes me so happy to have finally mastered it. I also had the opportunity to travel a fair amount in Mexico and I was lucky enough to visit some incredible places.

Alfie, Politics & Spanish student

When I think back about what I took with me going to Spain I remember some clothes, books, sun cream and… lots of uncertainties. My suitcase on the way back looked completely different; full of trophies from travels around the Peninsula, heavy with knowledge that you do not find in books and complemented with a couple of warm ‘Hasta luego!’ sendoffs from new friends. The most valuable thing, though, was something else. I went to Extremadura as a student of Spanish but I came back as a speaker of Spanish.

Anita, Spanish student

Spanish Programme Director

Dr Andrew Dowling