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Our courses will allow you to develop your practical skills and develop your understanding of a range of topics, from Muslims in Britain to Community Journalism.

Muslims in Britain: changes and challenges

Duration of course 4 week course
Amount of study per week 4 hours per week

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Islam is the second largest religion in the world today and dominates much of the current geopolitical discourse. People are increasingly bombarded by dramatic and at times disturbing headlines. Yet general knowledge of Muslims and their faith can be poor. Develop your understanding of Muslims and their faith through an exploration of communities in Britain.

Community Journalism

Duration of course 5 week course
Amount of study per week 4 hours per week

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Community Journalism is attracting growing public and academic interest as more and more community and hyper-local sites replace traditional local media. The course combines practical skills in setting up a community website, identifying and building an audience, creating content, establishing a workflow to sustain a site, managing an online community, media law and ethics, with a broader understanding of this new sector, how it has developed and the experience of those operating community sites.