Female Participants Required

We are looking for female participants to take part in a study at the School of Psychology. The study involves a short drawing task, as well as some questionnaires and cognitive tests. This will take approximately 30 minutes and we will pay £4 for your time. If you are interested in participating in this study, please contact Fiona Pearson at PearsonF1@cardiff.ac.uk, or Dr Job van der Schalk at vanderschalkj@cardiff.ac.uk

Volunteering Opportunity with Children

Looking for students interested in volunteering for a children’s swimming club based in Ely, Cardiff. The club involves helping children with a variety of complex additional needs and learning disorders, to learn how to swim, learn new motor and play skills and learn to work with groups of new people. Volunteers will initially receive guidance and there is opportunity to complete Halliwick Method Swimming Therapy training. Students must have a CRB/ DBS check and be motivated to work with children. Please follow the instructions on the website and for any queries contact the manager Wendy Barwise by emailing: swim.whales@yahoo.co.uk

Cardiff Whales Swimming Club

Participants needed for smell study.

We are looking for female participants  for an EEG study investigating the effects of perfume. So if you

  • Are female
  • Aged 18-49 years
  • Do not smoke
  • Do not have asthma, eczema sinusitis,anosmia (loss of smell) or respiratory problems
  • Are not currently experiencing hayfever
  • Are not pregnant or nursing  a baby

We need you

  1. Due to this is a study about the female perfume, so please make sure do not use any perfume or deodorant before you come to the study, otherwise it will mask our experiment perfume and mask  the result!
  2. Please email us and we let you know  time slot convenient for you.
  3. For this study, you need to  come to our lab :  W/2.18 in Biosciences school.
  4. It will last 75mins and we will pay £10 for your participation!

When? As soon as possible; whenever you are free

For further information and to arrange to take part contact  Olena Petter: PetterO@cardiff.ac.uk

We will tell you more about the project and answer any questions you may have.

Volunteers for research on alcohol and cognitive control

Researchers at the School of Psychology, Cardiff University are looking for Staff and Student volunteers for research on alcohol and cognitive control. Payment: £40 (£20 per session) Time Required: Two sessions, 5 ½ hours each, 2 hours of which can be spent as you like in the psychology buildings.

When: As soon as possible; whenever you are free

WHO CAN TAKE PART? Any male or female with Body Mass Index of 18 – 28, drinker of alcohol, aged over 18, not allergic to alcohol, not allergic to orangina, not currently taking neuroactive medication or medication that may be affected by alcohol.

WHAT DOES IT INVOLVE? We study how alcohol affects cognitive control. You will be asked to complete some simple tasks on a computer using your hands and your eyes (your eyes will be tracked by an eye tracker). You will complete these before and after a drink, which may or may not contain alcohol. You will need to complete two sessions and have 1 week abstinence from illicit drugs, 24 hours abstinence from alcohol, 4 hours fasting prior to participation on both testing days.

WHAT HAPPENS TO ALL THE INFORMATION? All the information provided will be anonymous. You would not provide your name with the answers and only the research team will have access to anonymous data.

HOW CAN YOU TAKE PART? Further information and to arrange to take part contact Anne Campbell at campbellae1@cardiff.ac.uk. We will tell you more about the project and answer any questions you may have.

Dental anxiety survey – £20 voucher to be won!

We would like to invite students and members of staff at Cardiff University to participate in a study into dental anxiety. Not everyone loves going to the dentist and we are interested in finding out why. The more we know the more we can do to make visiting the dentist an enjoyable experience for everyone. If you agree to participate in this survey you will be entered into a prize draw for a £20 shopping voucher.

Time estimate to complete survey is 10 minutes. Please click on the following link. You will be taken to the Bristol Online Survey site and there receive further instruction. Dental Anxiety Survey

Female participants wanted for psychology study (prize draw)

My name is Katia Vione I am conducting my PhD in Social Psychology under the supervision of Prof. Greg Maio. We are recruiting female participants for a 15-minutes online study looking at everyday choices and the importance of various abstract ideas. All answers are confidential, and you can choose to participate in the prize draw for one of two vouchers worth £50. This is for female participants only.

If you would like to complete the survey please follow the link below: https://cardiffunipsych.eu.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_8eTBbbdM9T5fmYZ

Student Support Closure Week

STUDENT SUPPORT CENTRE CLOSURE NOTICE Please note that our services (not including the Cardiff Assessment Centre) will be closed from Monday 3rd August through to Friday 7th August 2015 for staff training In cases of an emergency please contact Security on 029 2087 4444. If you wish to send an email please contact the following addresses – all emails will be checked on a daily basis: Advice and Money – studentsupport@cardiff.ac.uk Careers and Employability – careers@cardiff.ac.uk Counselling, Health and Wellbeing – counselling@cardiff.ac.uk Disability – disability@cardiff.ac.uk Dyslexia – dyslexia@cardiff.ac.uk Sorry for any inconvenience caused, we will be open as normal Monday 10th August 2015

The end of Cardiff Portal

Cardiff Portal will no longer be available from September. Prepare yourself for the change by using the intranet as your gateway for accessing University information.

From 1 September you will not be able to access Cardiff Portal. It is being decommissioned because it can no longer be developed or fixed if something goes wrong.

The majority of services available are now available in the intranet.

Services which are not yet available (Manage my Publications and the myPrint balance) are in development, and will be published on the intranet ahead of the switch-over.

The intranet has been specifically designed to support you and make your life easier. It brings together tools, services and information so you can visit one online resource to find everything you need for your study, research, and work.

The intranet was launched to staff and students in January 2015 and has had over 750,000 page views in its first six months.

If you have not yet started to visit the intranet, why not start now?

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Find out more about the intranet.

Volunteers needed for a study on sexuality – all sexual orientations

We are looking for volunteers of all sexual orientations that would be interested in taking part in a study at the School of Psychology. We are able to reimburse £10-15 for your time, and possible travel expenses. If you are interested, please contact AbrahamLO@cardiff.ac.uk for more information, stating your sexual orientation

Two £50 cash prizes – online survey about human values

Participants wanted for an 8 min online study about human values – two cash prizes of £50.

We are social psychologists investigating the relation of personality and human values. For this purpose we have created an online questionnaire that takes around 8 minutes to complete.

All the information provided will be anonymous. You will not be asked to provide your name and only the research team will have access to the anonymous data.This project has been reviewed and ethically approved by the Ethics Committee of the School of Psychology, Cardiff University. We appreciate your participation and to show you that, you will be entered into a drawing for two cash prizes of £50, if you provide your email address at the end of the questionnaire.

Link to the online questionnaire: https://cardiffunipsych.eu.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_3aPIKMv7rrlzect

Many thanks in advance for your consideration of this project. Please contact Paul Hanel, hanelph@cardiff.ac.uk, if you require further information.