Talk about food and earn £10!

Be a part of an exciting research project and earn a £10 voucher for a food shop of your choice!

Do you have a small group of friends who meet up because of a joint interest or hobby? Whether it’s for football, music activism, knitting, parenting or your work together, I would love to pick your brains about your views on food.

Drop me an email or call me for your group to be part of interviews and focus groups happening in Cardiff soon!


Marie Quinney (Part of the EU project SUSPLACE, on secondment at the Sustainable Places Institute)

Sleep for Science!

We are looking for healthy, native English speakers aged 18 to 30, who sleep regular hours, are not taking any psychoactive medication and have no history of sleep, neurological or psychological disorders to take part in a 3-night sleep research study at CUBRIC, Cardiff University. Please visit , or email us at for more info. You will be reimbursed for your time

Healthy Male Participants needed for PAID psychological study

We are looking for healthy male participants to take part in a psychological study which assesses the relationship between certain unusual feelings and experiences and performance on a range of cognitive tasks. You will be paid £30 for your participation of 3 hours at the new CUBRIC Maindy Road site.

You are eligible to participate if you are a male aged between 18-25 years, have normal or corrected to normal vision and hearing and possess a high level of fluency in English. You will not be eligible if you have a current or past diagnosis of any psychiatric illness, are taking psychotropic medication, experience current or past alcohol and/or illicit substance abuse or have mobility problems due to the nature of some of the tasks.

Your participation is entirely voluntary and you can withdraw at any point without any negative consequences. The data collected for this project will be kept strictly confidential. Please be advised that there are limited places available and recruitment will end once the target number of participants meeting inclusion criteria has been reached.

This study has been fully reviewed and approved by the Wales NHS and the School of Psychology Research Ethics Committees (References: 16/WA/0039 and EC.; thorough risk assessment and safety precautions are in place so that participants will not be harmed psychologically or physically.

If you wish to take part or would like to find out more, please contact Clara Humpston, PhD Student, School of Psychology for an information sheet at

Participants needed – 30 minutes – £4 – anxiety diagnosis required

I am looking for participants for my final year project.

I need people who have a history of anxiety, with no history of depression. Participants need to have been off related medication for at least two weeks.

The task is not anxiety-provoking.

You will be paid £4 for your time.

For more information and to sign up please email

Do you need extra time, or other arrangements for your exams?

Any student requiring specific provision for the Spring examination period must apply through the Disability and Dyslexia Service before the 20th March 2017. The application must be accompanied by documentary evidence, requests for specific provision will not be supported without appropriate documentary evidence.

If you have already had email confirmation that your specific provision examination arrangements are in place then you can ignore this notice.

Deadline reminder for Student Mentor Scheme

Think back to when you started university. Was it easy to find your feet during the first few months?

When we start university we often have lots of questions and sometimes we don’t know who to turn to for advice or support. Often, the best person is another student who has already been through the first year of living and studying far away from familiar surroundings.

The Student Mentor Scheme was introduced in 2012 to help first years embrace life at uni. Training and support are provided so that mentors feel confident in their role and first years are given a friendly face to seek advice and guidance from.

As a mentor you can gain valuable employability skills and get the chance to evidence those skills in applications and job interviews.  Everyone’s a winner!

Student mentors volunteer their time but will get a lot back in return.  The confidence gained from developing leadership, communication and organisational skills are just as valuable as the Cardiff University Student Mentor Certificate that will enhance your CV and portfolio.

So, do you have what it takes to be a mentor? Been there?  Done that?  Well, now get the t-shirt!  Check out the web page below to see if your School is part of the scheme, complete the online application form by Monday 27th February.  What have you got to lose?

Still want more info? Contact or phone  029 2087 9364

Research Participants Sought

We are seeking participants for multiple studies at CUBRIC exploring the brain mechanisms underlying human attention and cognition. Some studies involve magnetic stimulation and recording of brain activity as participants perform simple behavioural tasks. We are seeking to recruit healthy individuals with normal or corrected-to-normal vision.

Participants will be reimbursed £6-10 per hour, depending on the study, and most experiments involve a total of approximately 2-15 hours participation.

To find out more about the research, and your eligibility to participate, please contact Jemma Sedgmond:

Volunteers needed for research into midlife risk of dementia

We are currently looking for volunteers willing to take part in two research studies on healthy ageing and midlife risk for dementia: 1) Ageing, stress, brain structure and cognitive health; and 2) How do individual differences in adiposity and APOE genotype as risk factor for dementia affect brain and cognition? These studies are highly inter-related, therefore we would like to invite you to participate in and complete both of these studies. You will receive a payment of £20 for study ‘Ageing, stress, brain structure and cognitive health’; £40 for study ‘How do individual differences in body fat and APOE genotype as risk factors for dementia affect brain health and cognition? If you are interested, please read the information below.

What do these studies involve?

  • Completing a short screening session in the afternoon (30min);

If you meet the inclusion criteria for this study, then also:

  • Providing three saliva samples in the same screening session. One of the saliva samples will be used to measure biological indicators of elevated stress (the stress hormone cortisol and measures of the body’s immune system function). The other two samples will be used to analyse your DNA;
  • Completing an online survey (up to 1h 10min);
  • Arriving at Cardiff University, School of Psychology to complete two sessions of cognitive testing consisting of several tasks of general cognition, memory, learning, problem solving, attention and the ability to regulate emotions (up to 2h each)
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan of your brain and abdomen (90min)
  • Fasting blood draw (15min);

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Am I eligible to take part?

You are eligible to take part if you are a man aged 40-59 years or a woman aged 40-59 years, a native English speaker and in good health (no history of psychiatric, neurological, chronic immune system conditions; head injury, alcohol or drug abuse; metal in your body; have normal or corrected-to-normal vision). However, we will ask you to complete the screening session to make sure that you meet these criteria.

Do I have to take part?

Your participation is completely voluntary. You will be able to withdraw at any time.

What will happen to all the information?

All of the data will be held confidentially. A participant number will be assigned to you and only this number will be used to store and analyse the data. The link between this participant number and your name will be safely held in a separate document. We would like to keep all the information obtained indefinitely. We would also like to keep your saliva samples and DNA material for future research. However, you will be able to ask for all the information to be deleted and all the samples disposed of at any time, if you wish to withdraw from the study.

Participants needed for simple study: £2.50 for 25 minutes

Participants are needed for a simple eye tracking study.

You will complete a 25 minute computer based task which will involve you looking at pictures and listening to sentences.

Eligibility requirements: NO glasses or contact lenses. On day of study please don’t wear eye make up (or be willing to remove it)

For more information and to sign up please email Alice Rees: