Barack Obama at the UN Security Council
Barack Obama at the UN Security Council

Founded on world-class research, our undergraduate politics courses are both challenging and inspirational

Aristotle called politics the “Master Science”, and for good reason. Politics and international relations underpin an understanding of almost all aspects of the ever-changing world we live in.

Politics is a fascinating subject that has a significant impact on our everyday lives. The field of politics allows students to explore how parliaments and governments function and evaluate political ideas such as power, freedom, democracy, conflict, legitimacy or accountability.

Our courses in politics offer students the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of the field as well as choosing from a range of optional modules depending on their interests. We also offer a range of joint degree courses which allow students to combine their interest in politics with other areas such as humanities or languages and study in an interdisciplinary environment.

Undergraduate courses

The unique Joint Cardiff-Bordeaux Degree

This innovative course is a joint venture between Cardiff University and one of the leading institutes of Political Studies in France. The unique course offers students the opportunity to study in the UK and France, and gain two prestigious degrees on completion. Students spend years one and three in Cardiff and years two and four in Bordeaux.

Cardiff University has an excellent reputation as a centre for the study of French Politics and the joint Cardiff-Bordeaux degree builds on our established modules in politics, by complementing the knowledge gained with world-class teaching and research at the Institut d’Etudes Politiques, Sciences Po.

Find out more about the Joint Cardiff-Bordeaux Degree, or take a look at our Cardiff Bordeaux applicant guide.

The FIFRU Network brings together past and present students of the Cardiff-Bordeaux Double Degree/Diploma.

An exciting future

Studying politics at Cardiff University provides the essential skills for an exciting career in fields such as journalism, local government, management, publishing, law, accountancy, the civil service, policy research and consultancy, the voluntary sector and education.

Employers understand that Politics graduates possess sophisticated intellectual, analytical as well as a host of other transferable skills.

At the end of the course, you might want to pursue your interest in this field further. We offer an ever-growing range of Master’s degrees to give you an additional edge in pursuing your career.

Funding opportunities

Cardiff University offers bursaries to provide additional financial support for undergraduate students, who are normally resident in the UK, from lower income backgrounds. This money is available on top of state-funded maintenance grants and loans.