HE Lecturer Conference 1st May 2014: Lies, Damned Lies & Statistics

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Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics: A Taste of a New Zealand First Year University Course

1st May 2014

Presenters: Prof. Maxine Pfannkuch, Dr Stephanie Budgett

Affiliation: Department of Statistics, The University of Auckland, New Zealand

Purpose: To share part of our first year course with university lecturers. To discuss ways of embedding statistics within real-world scenarios and increase curriculum relevance as perceived by students.

Background: Our Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics course began in 2004 and is designed for students who wish to be critical consumers of statistical information in their occupation or daily life. Students from any background can take the course. Our aims are to instil an ability to think statistically, to critically evaluate statistically based reports and to construct statistically sound reports. The focus of the course is on statistics and statistic issues that arise in the real world (e.g., in media reports) and developing the underpinning concepts to the extent that they can be understood.

Thursday 1 May

10:00 Coffee and Registration

10:30 Introduction to our Lies Damned Lies and Statistics course at Auckland University

10:50 Topic on Reading the News and “Worry questions”

11:20 Discuss Assignment 1 assessment

11:40 Topic on Observational studies and Experiments or Topic on Risk. Discuss Term Test

12.30 Lunch

1:30 Assignment 2 and constructing sound statistical reports

2:30 Topic on Statistical Reasoning – An overview with examples

3:00 Break

3:20 Statistical Reasoning and Poisson Clumping or learning how to lie with statistics

4.30 Finish

This is a FREE event, lunch and refreshment will be provided but places are limited. Advanced booking is required.

To book a place please email your name and institutional/organisational affiliation to qstep@cardiff.ac.uk