Summer Data School July 2014

Jen Hampton summer residential school
Dr Ian Jones, Rhys Jones and a team of post graduate students (Charlotte Brookfield, Jennifer Hampton, Grace Seeney, Jessica Phillips and Max Brown) from the school of social sciences delivered a 3 day residential summer school in July 2014, aimed at improving students skills in data collection, analysis and visualisation.  The Year 10 students travelled from Mary Immaculate High School and  also Ysgol Abersychan School, of which their teachers – Julie Cochlin (Head of Maths -Mary Immaculate) and Dr Susan Golding (Ysgol Abersychan) delivered several of the work shops over the 3 days. 
The event proved to be a big hit with the students, especially their trip to the apple store in the St David’s 2 Centre.  The workshop within the apple store enabled students to compose and publish their own music, as well as becoming more familiar with software applications used to visualise data. 
The event was well received by the year 10 students, as well as the teachers and staff delivering the workshops:
“I would like to thank you for the opportunity that you provided my school and me when you arranged a visit for us to Cardiff University. I thoroughly enjoyed myself during our time with you and learnt a lot about myself, the university and opportunities for my future.” (Year 10 student)
” I have learnt that when I put my mind to it and focus there is nothing preventing me from achieving. You allowed me to see what I was capable of and the advice/feedback you provided me was extremely helpful in supporting me and developing my confidence on the days we were with you.” (Year 10 student)
“Just wanted to tell you that last night in front of 500 people (parents, students and extended families), Jhon Barbosa spoke about his experiencing ‘University life ’with some of his peers, and how it has raised their aspirations in realising that University was for all of them and what they needed to do to get there – you would have been so proud; I almost shed a tear.
 There were many of our younger students there to pick up their awards, who all got the message; Aspirational Cascading!! (Julie Cochlin – Mary Immaculate)
“Leading the Research using statistics themed workshop, as part of the summer school residential  event, was extremely rewarding and enlightening – with the year 10 students from Mary Immaculate.  Working with Jen Hampton, Charlotte Brooker and Julie Cochlin resulted in delivering a stimulating day, with learning and understanding clearly taking place in the class room.  Students were able to develop testable research questions and hypotheses, describe detailed methods and also collect and analyse data to a high level.  This event has inspired and also encouraged students to fine tune their research skills, and it is hoped they will continue to inquire and question everything they do in their lives!” (Rhys Jones – School of Social Sciences)