Study Social Analytics

Cardiff Q-Step has two aims: firstly to substantially increase the quantitative competency of all of our undergraduate students, whereby on completion of their degree they will have operational skills in interpretation and manipulation of data, descriptive statistics and data analysis to the level of simple multivariate analysis.

Secondly to develop an interdisciplinary BSc Social Analytics pathway that will combine a thorough training in quantitative methods with a subject specialism, such as sociology, criminology, education or social policy.

These aims will achieved in the following way:

  1. The development of an AS level qualification in Social Analytics, in partnership with schools and colleges in South Wales, the WJEC and RSSCSE. This, along with an emphasis on recruiting students with A or AS levels maths, will provide a cohort of numerate and motivated students.
  2. Through a BSc in Social Analytics  that combines substantive social science modules with a range of research and analysis modules, to build on 1 above.  This pathway will act as a ‘core’ of quantitative resources and as means to develop a broader ‘quantitative culture’ across undergraduate programmes.  This will be specifically facilitated by the development of a suite of modules in design and analysis that will form both a course pathway, but also a wider resource for the School. When fully operational, the Social Analytics pathway will produce 25 highly skilled graduates in quantitative social research each year.  Additionally many more students will take a lesser diet of modules such as Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics that will provide them with a range of quantitative competencies.