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Cardiff Q-Step has developed the interdisciplinary BSc Social Analytics and BSc Social Analytics and Politics pathways starting in September 2015 that will combine a thorough training in quantitative methods and statistical literacy with placement opportunities and modules from Sociology, Criminology, Education, Social Policy and Politics. Social Analytics is an ambitious programme that will instruct students to an advanced standard in a range of skills. This will allow them to either enter graduate employment as social analysts/social researchers or progress to graduate programmes. Find out more below and on the Cardiff Uni Course Finder.

BSc Social Analytics: J3G5. BSc Social Analytics and Politics: L3HW.

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Hear from our students:

Studying Social Analytics BSc was the best decision I ever made! The fact that I am able to complete a guaranteed placement in my second year was something I was particularly drawn to, as I thought that this would aid my future career considerably.

The teaching staff across the Social Sciences are very supportive and my favourite first year module, Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics, taught me a lot of skills that I can transfer into my later studies and future career! I can’t wait to start my second year!

 Social Analytics BSc has not only enabled me to learn the core Social Science skills but the added advantage of learning specific analytical skills that businesses highlighted in feedback that graduates lacked in the work place. This course has reignited my passion for learning and studying…I would highly recommend this course to students that want to be able to have the freedom to choose a mix of the Social Sciences as well as benefiting from the amazing opportunities…’                                                                                       

                                                                                                                                                                      First Year BSc Social Analytics student

‘Lecturers were very engaging and passionate about their module.’

‘Lectures and seminars made the course applicable to daily life, used a lot of examples that made topics easier to understand. This module used a lot of activities to help us learn the content which was useful.’

‘Great teaching that was fun and interactive. The lecturers made it fun to learn.’

Students taking 1st Year BSc Social Analytics module (Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics)


BSc Social Analytics and BSc Social Analytics & Politics will produce 25 highly skilled graduates in quantitative social research each year.  Additionally many more students from other degrees will take a lesser diet of modules that will provide them with a range of quantitative competencies.

The BSc Social Analytics (also available as a joint honours degree with Politics) is a new undergraduate degree programme run by Cardiff University which launched in September 2015. BSc Social Analtics offers students a unique opportunity to combine a substantive suite of modules with cutting edge training in quantitative methods, taught by staff from the Cardiff Q-Step Centre of Excellence in Quantitative Methods Teaching.
Social Analytics students will learn the skills to understand and analyse a wide range of social data including national surveys, administrative data, social media and transactional data. Through guaranteed work placement and engagement with prestigious national organisations such as the Office for National Statistics (ONS), students will maximise their employability by applying what they have learnt on the course and in the workplace.

Programme of Study
BSc Social Analytics students will take a combination of Core and Substantive Modules.

Social Analytics (Core) Modules
: Students will be trained in the scientific method, complex data management, analysis of new social media and statistical modelling. These will be delivered through Core Social Analytics modules.



8 Substantive Modules

Students will combine 160 credits of core Social Analytics modules with 160 credits of Social Science (substantive) modules. As shown in the BSc pathway diagram, students choosing the BSc Social Analytics single honours will take Key Ideas in Social Science in their first year and Social Theory in their second year. The remaining six modules can be chosen  from Sociology, Criminology, Social Policy, Education and Politics.


Social Analytics Modules

  • First Year Social Analytics Modules

What is social research? How do newspaper headlines and policy-makers misrepresent evidence through statistics?

The first year will introduce you to quantitative and qualitative social research, while also focussing on their philosophical foundations. It will teach you how to assess and construct solid social explanations, the difference between natural and social sciences, and how social scientists attempt to combine individual and structural explanations in their theories. You will also receive an in-depth introduction to the statistical foundations of data analysis.

The focus will not be on complex formulae, but rather on how social scientists use statistical tools to investigate the social world. Whether you find statistics hard, boring or interesting, we will provide hands-on games and simulations, intuitive graphics and targeted help. Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics introduces students to the use of quantitative evidence in reports and the media, and promotes the critical consumption of evidence across the social sciences. By the end of the first year you will be able to assess social theories and collect your own data to conduct your own social investigation.

  • Second Year Social Analytics Modules

How do social scientists use surveys and how do you create and carry out a reliable one on paper or online?

 What is the best way to present complex statistical findings?  Which skills do employers need from me?

The second year module Social Research Methods will teach you how to conduct basic and intermediate qualitative and quantitative analysis. In Knowing the Social World you will learn the principles of survey research and gain experience of undertaking robust surveys on your issues of interest including training in industry standard online survey design tools.

These two module will develop your statistical literacy and ability to disseminate social research, which you’ll develop even further in a placement with an external local organisation in Real World Research. The Cardiff Q-Step team will equip you with all the tools to make your placement experience a success and the experiences you will gain from planning and executing a research project for an external organisation will substantially enhance your employability.

  • Third Year Social Analytics Modules

How can we use social research data to test complex social theories about changes in inequality, social mobility, gender roles, drug consumption, crime rates and political activism over the last century?

In your third year you will consolidate and advance your analysis skills by taking Analysing Social Change. You will master the tools to create meaningful statistical models to represent complex social realities. The themes explored in this module revolve around globalisation and rapid social transformation and how to conceptualise, measure and analyse change and continuity.

How can we conduct and commission social research to assess the impact of policies?

In Experiments in Knowing you will also develop an awareness of the foundations of experimental designs within the social sciences, including social psychology experiments, complex policy interventions on drugs and health issues. These will add further to your understanding of how social scientists can shape the world and inform policy-makers.

Finally, all final year Social Analytics students undertake a dissertation project in which they are able to design and conduct a small-scale independent research study under supervision of one of the BSc Social Analytics teaching team.


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