The RBQ-2A

The Adult Repetitive Behaviour Questionnaire-2

The RBQ-2A measures restricted and repetitive behaviours such as routines and rituals, repetitive motor behaviours, sensory interests and repetitive actions with objects.

The RBQ-2A is the first published self-report questionnaire of repetitive behaviours in adults. It can be completed by adults who are 18 years or older and able to read and write fluently in English. It has 20 questions and takes approximately 5 minutes to complete. The RBQ-2A is not a diagnostic instrument. It measures traits of restricted and repetitive behaviours. These traits are found in the general population as well as in the autism spectrum and other conditions. We are currently researching the use of the RBQ-2A alongside formal diagnostic interviews to explore its usefulness as a supplement within the diagnostic process.

We invite clinicians and researchers to use the RBQ-2A. We also invite any adult aged 18 years or older to join our ongoing research, whether diagnosed with autism or without any signs of autism. Read more >>

Sue Leekam
Wales Autism Research Centre


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