Complete the RBQ-2A Online

We are testing the RBQ-2A further so that it can be used by researchers, clinicians and individuals interested in the profile of repetitive behaviours in adults. Can you help us to test the questionnaire with a larger number of people? We are collecting more responses to the RBQ-2A from adults with a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder.

Do you have a diagnosis of autism and are you 18 or older? If so and you are interested in taking part, you can email Sarah Barrett ( and ask for more information.  You can also register with WARC’s Research Recruitment Register here.

Alternatively, if you have a diagnosis of autism, you can fill in the RBQ-2A online.  The RBQ-2A is included as part of our current online survey study looking at repetitive behaviours and imagination in adults with autism spectrum disorder.  If you wish to take part in this online survey, please read our information sheet first.  This online survey consists of the RBQ-2A and two other questionnaires. If you only wish to fill in the RBQ-2A, that is fine, you may leave the rest of the answers blank.  If you wish to fill in the whole survey, it should take around 20 minutes.

Please click HERE to fill in the RBQ-2A as part of our online study of repetitive behaviours and imagination.